Twitter Users Tell Us About Their Not-So-Perfect Perfect Cats


Twitter Users Tell Us About Their Not-So-Perfect Perfect Cats #Twitter #Users #NotSoPerfect #Perfect #Cats Welcome to
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Good day, ICanHasers. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing – we hope you’re doing great, feeling great, and being great. We also hope that all of your pupperoos and cateroos are healthy, wealthy, and thriving. If you love animals, adopting a pet is one of the best ways to brighten up your days and bring a little bit of warmth into your home. Pets improve moods, reduce anxiety and stress! They’re so scrumptious that they don’t even have to try hard. One look at them and you just can’t help but melt. They’re wholesome and pure. Or at least they should be.

Today we’re sharing Twitter user @ohJuliatweets‘s thread where she started a discussion on the topic of cats being returned back to shelters for… not being perfect. Unfortunately, animals who aren’t lucky enough to find a forever home go through enormous trauma which leads to aggressive behavior and self-defense mechanisms. And oftentimes, the human hand is to blame. Whether it’s neglect or physical violence, abuse comes in many ways and results to hostility.

Thankfully, that’s not always the case. Along with bad adoption cases come good ones. And there are many! It’s important we acknowledge what good pet parenting looks like. Just take a look at the replies under this thread.