rare tiger skin in Kailali

Two arrested with rare tiger skin in Kailali

Police have arrested two persons in Kailali along with the skin of a rare tiger.

A team of Far-Western Provincial Research Group (RIT) arrested two persons with the skin of Patebagh from Simhasan Community Forest Area in Gauriganga Municipality-7, Matkauna on Tuesday evening.

The arrested have been identified as Purna Bahadur Budhamgar, 55, of Mohanyal Village Municipality-5, Kailali, and Lokesh Sijapati of Lamkichuha Municipality-1, said Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Prateek Bista.

They were arrested on the basis of a special tip-off that they were selling the skin of a 10-meter-long tiger. He has now been handed over to the Area Police Office, Chaumala by the RIT. The tiger had terrorized the area last February.

Kala Dhami, 25, of Andaiya in Gauriganga Municipality-5 was killed in the attack.

The Division Forest Office had also carried out camera trapping to control the tiger in the Chaumala area. But the tiger could not control.

Police have speculated that Patebagh may have killed the woman by attacking the recovered skin.

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