Two injured in tiger attack in Kaski, tiger killed in retaliation

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Two people have been injured in a tiger attack in the Kaski district and a tiger has died in retaliation of locals.

Tul Bahadur Gurung, 34, and Milan Gurung, 32, of Dharapani in Rupa Gaonpalika-7 of the district were injured in the attack, according to the Gandaki State Police Office, Pokhara.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Shyamu Aryal informed that Tul Bahadur was bitten by a tiger from behind while fleeing after seeing a tiger while going to cut grass in his field in the morning. Similarly, 32-year-old Milan Gurung of the same place was injured while retaliating against the tiger. He sustained head injuries and both were treated at Bhirchok Health Post, police said.

According to police, the tiger died at the spot in retaliation of the locals.