Two JSP ministers from Lumbini to resign

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Two JSP ministers from Lumbini to resign

Two more ministers from the Janata Samajwadi Party in the Lumbini state government are set to resign.

Minister for Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives Vijay Bahadur Yadav and Minister for Industry, Forest and Environment Kalpana Pandey Lamsal is about to resign. 

“It was decided yesterday that all three of us, including Hon’ble Santosh Pandey, will resign,” Yadav said. “We are preparing a letter of resignation for Kalpanaji and me.”

As Minister Kalpana Pandey is still in the hospital, her husband Nawaraj Lamsal said that the issue of resignation was being discussed and a decision would be taken in an hour.

Earlier on Tuesday night, Physical Infrastructure Development Minister Santosh Kumar Pandey had resigned from the post.

The party has sacked the three from the parliament saying that they had joined the government against the party’s decision and repeatedly violated the party’s whip.

Minister of State for Physical Infrastructure Development Suman Sharma Rayamajhi resigned a month ago and returned to the party.

Earlier, he had joined the government just hours after signing a no-confidence motion against Chief Minister Shankar Pokharel on April 19. After that, Pandey, Yadav, Rayamajhi, and Lamsal were sacked by the party.

Objection of Janata Samajwadi Party

The party has objected to Pandey’s propaganda that he has resigned as per the decision of the JSP parliamentary party meeting.

Leader of the JSP parliamentary party Sahasram Yadav said that Pandey may have resigned voluntarily after the fall of the government. “I am the leader of the party’s parliamentary party.

The party meeting has not been held today,” Yadav said. 

Leader Yadav has warned to take legal action if any misuse of the party’s name is found in the future.

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