Udaariyaan written update: 25th February Written Episode

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Udaariyaan written update: Written Update on Scriling.com for Udaariyaan 25th February 2022 Written Episode

Udaariyaan written update: The episode begins with Buzo’s father telling him to stop or else he will not bless him. Simran is taken to the mandap by Buzo. She believes it is improper to marry without the consent of one’s elders. Buzo motions for her to take a seat.

Buzo, Fateh believes, has shown incredible bravery. Buzo’s father claims he has gone insane. In the mandap, Buzo and Simran sit.

She tells you to reconsider. He instructs the pandit to begin the mantras. Buzo’s mother begs his father. Tejo, as well as everyone else, has made a request.

Come, Tejo will win, you will lose, come out and stop Simran’s marriage, Angad asks Jasmin Ji, pandit is commencing mantras, come, Tejo will win, you will lose, come out and stop Simran’s marriage, Angad asks Jasmin Ji. Jasmin arrives.

Angad flees, saying that your stomach may have decided to stay unhappy today. Buzo and Simran make the rounds at weddings. Everyone showers flowers on each other. When Angad sees them, he smiles. Jasmin emerges from the restroom and sprints back.

Simran is forced to wear the mangalsutra by Buzo. Sindoor is filled by him. Gurpreet weeps joyfully. Simran and Buzo exchange a friendly smile. The wedding has been finished, according to the Pandit.

Everyone joins in the applause. Satti congratulates you. Jasmin arrives. I thought, just mind, I have medicine, I can help, I’ll get water, Angad says you missed it, you didn’t say your stomach is upset, so I thought, just mind, I have medicine, I can help, I’ll get water. Simran and Buzo are hugged by Fateh. Everyone embraces them. Jasmin swallows the pill.

Simran is hugged by Khushbeer. I’ll see you, Jasmin says. Angad goes to the groom and bride to express his best wishes. Jasmin notices Buzo’s father sitting nearby. She believes I will be able to reclaim the game.

She apologizes to Buzo’s father, saying that Buzo insulted you for Simran’s sake, that they love each other, and that Buzo accepted someone’s blood, which is not easy, and that Candy has now become the Janjua family’s successor. Tejo wishes Buzo and Simran well, saying that their marriage would be incomplete without their blessings. Buzo’s father states that because of your mother, I will allow you and Simran to live with me, but that illegitimate child will not. Simran is concerned.

She inquires as to how I will manage without my son. Buzo’s father instructs her to think. Simran asserts that she will not accept this and that she will not be able to leave her child alone.

If he says that’s fine, then you can stay here. Jasmin believes you’re great; you’ve shown yourself to be more tenacious. Buzo says great, if your son doesn’t stay, their son won’t either, I’m Candy’s father, we’ll raise him together, it’ll be fine.

Udaariyaan written update

Tejo pleads with Buzo’s father to comprehend Simran’s anguish and prevent this from happening. Buzo’s mother claims that Buzo married Simran, that Candy is her kid, that Buzo is his father, and that Simran and Candy would accompany us and reside with us. Buzo’s father chastises her. Simran embraces her. Buzo’s mother inquires about Candy’s whereabouts. Simran inquires as to Candy’s whereabouts. I sent Satti to the room with Dilraj, he claims. Udaariyaan written update

Fateh is on his way to grab Candy. He inquires about Dilraj’s whereabouts. Dilraj claims to have been present. Fateh believes he heard everything. He is on the lookout for him. Simran inquires as to the whereabouts of my Candy. They’re all on the lookout for Candy. Simran claims that I should not have married and that my son is nowhere to be found. Udaariyaan written update

Fateh claims he is nowhere to be found. Khushbeer and Buzo’s father have a fight. This, according to Nimmo, was done by Jasmin. Ask Angad if you don’t trust Jasmin when she says my stomach is unhappy. Yes, Angad agrees, she is correct. Jasmin holds Buzo’s father responsible. Tejo turns away from Candy’s cries. Candy is found lurking under the bed, inside a bag. She claims her uncle was yelling angrily. He wasn’t upset with you because you’re so cute, she says. Udaariyaan written update

He claims he referred to me as illegitimate. She claims that he didn’t inform you about it, that she won’t be able to live without her mother, that you should talk to your uncle, and that anyone will listen to you. Candy is hugged by Simran. I was afraid, he claims and hid beneath the bed. Promise, she says, you won’t do it again. He approaches Buzo’s father and says, “Don’t punish my mother; take her home; I promise, I’ll never bother you with calls; if I miss her, I’ll kiss her picture.”

Buzo’s father weeps and embraces her. Jasmin becomes enraged. Buzo’s father says you’ll join us at home, and you’ll call me Dadu. Everyone is beaming. He expresses regret to everyone. Simran apologizes for everything. Khushbeer claims that if I hadn’t been so stubborn, none of this would have happened. He gives her a hug. Simran embraces her loved ones.

Her bidaai has been completed. Simran expresses gratitude to Tejo. Tejo encourages her to continue to be joyful. Simran tosses the rice back. Gurpreet is in tears. Jasmin observes. Simran walks away. Jasmin believes I should do something Tejo-related.