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The breaking and shocking news of the hour and time is that Umang Gupta, a person who was well-known in Silicon Valley for his never-say-die attitude, passed away peacefully at his home in the San Francisco Bay Area’s city of San Mateo on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 19, 2022. Gupta was a well-known figure in Silicon Valley for his never-say-die attitude. Family members are in a state of shock and can’t accept and realise that their loved one is no longer with them and that he died away very quickly after reliving many of the memories and moments that will be cherished and remembered by them for the rest of their lives. Many of the deceased’s coworkers and friends have yet to understand and comprehend that he is no longer with them and that he lost his life far too soon; nonetheless, the times and moments that they had will be fondly remembered by all for the rest of their lives. Keep up with our page and blog in order to gather and understand all of the information and specifics about the person who has died.

Umang GuptaUmang Gupta

Umang Gupta

Obituary: The cause of Umang Gupta’s death

When it comes to Umang Gupta’s background, he was born in Patiala in 1949 and raised in a number of Indian cities because his father was a government administrator. He studied Chemical Engineering at IIT Kanpur, but the ‘techie at heart’ desired to gain a better understanding of the emerging corporate world. Following his graduation from Kent State University in Ohio in 1973, he joined IBM as a computer sales spokesman. He quickly rose through the ranks to become a senior marketing manager, and in 1981 he joined Relational Software, where he became the company’s seventeenth employee.

Umang Gupta’s Cause of Death

Having been the first Indian to take a software company public on the New York Stock Exchange (NASDAQ) in the year 1993, he has been hailed as a pioneer, and his company, Gupta Technologies, has evolved as the prototype for the Silicon Valley boom of technology companies led by Indian-American entrepreneurs. His cause of death, Umang Gupta Cause of Death, has been revealed as bladder cancer that he has been suffering for the past two years, which is heartbreaking and upsetting news for everyone.

After the news of his death spreads throughout the internet, many internet users and his close friends and family express their grief by paying respect and paying homage to him through a variety of methods. We also pay and offer our respects and tributes to him, and we pray for the repose of his soul.

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