UML demands to withdraw proposal to change the name of Butwal Mandap

9 Asar, Butwal. CPN-UML has demanded to withdraw the proposal of Butwal Sub-metropolis to replace Butwal Mandap with Girija Prasad Koirala Butwal Mandap.

At the 11th session of the sub-metropolis held on Wednesday, Mayor Khel Raj Pandey had proposed in writing in the policy and program to name the Butwal Mandap as Girija Prasad Koirala Mandap, arguing that the then Congress president and former prime minister Girija had contributed to the acquisition of Butwal Mandap land.

The CPN-UML Butwal Municipal Committee issued a press release on Thursday warning that the party would not have to pay any price if the proposal was not withdrawn. City Chairman Kisan Gyawali said in a statement that the proposal to change the name of Butwal Mandap was individualistic and self-centered, adding that it would tarnish the culture of cooperation and coexistence.

The statement said that Butwal Mandap is a heritage of national pride and there is no party establishment. It has been claimed that Rupandehi-2 MP Bishnu Poudel has contributed to the listing of Butwal Mandap among the major projects of the country from the master plan to the tender and construction phase.

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