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July 7, Kathmandu. The executive has become chaotic after the CPN-UML, which has a majority of executive members in Hetauda Sub-metropolis, started a dispute.

In the executive meeting convened to discuss the policy and program, UML had proposed to amend some points of the working procedure of the meeting.

The UML, which has 18 members out of 29 executive members, has demanded that the provisions in 15 (2) and 15 (3) of the Rules of Procedure-2074 BS should be amended.

However, the UML boycotted the executive meeting after the amendment proposal was not registered. The amendment proposal brought by UML in the act made by Upanagar in 2074 BS seems to reduce the authority of the mayor.

Amendment proposal submitted by UML

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Decision to pass in the minority

After the UML boycotted the meeting, the executive of Hetauda Sub-metropolis has decided to present the policy, program and budget of the coming fiscal year 2079-80 in the Municipal Assembly.

Spokesperson of Hetauda Sub-metropolis Sabin Neupane informed that Mayor Meenakumari Lama has decided to submit the draft of the policy, program and budget presented by Chief of Planning, Budget, Information and Statistics Division Bhim Prasad Timalsina after the executive members left the meeting.

Ward No. 10 chairperson Phurba Dorje Lama, who was elected from the CPN-UML, said that he boycotted the meeting as the policy, program and budget were not brought in line with the procedure to come through the thematic committee of the sub-metropolis.

“Five thematic committees of Hetauda sub-metropolis have not been formed. The committee chaired by the mayor and deputy mayor has not been completed yet, ‘said Lama. Executive member Sunil Moktan said that they were forced to boycott the meeting due to non-receipt of budget as per the rules.

According to spokesperson Sabin Neupane, the budget of Hetauda Sub-metropolis for the coming fiscal year 2079/80 will be more than Rs. He claimed that the budget would be passed on the 10th.

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