Upper Manang to connect Lower with a new track

Upper Manang
Photo: Onlinekhabar.com

Landslides connecting Lower and Upper Manang have been blocked due to floods and landslides on May 28 and June 15.

Circulation is completely closed after the land route is blocked. Chief District Officer Bishnu Lamichhane informed that new tracks are being constructed in many places to connect Manang, which has been cut off from the road network.

“A hill with a new track is being cut in Manang Ngisyang Gaunpalika-1 Bhratang, which is the lifeline of Manang. After the construction of the track on this hill, it will be connected to Upper Manang,” said Engineer Suman Adhikari of Road Division Office Lamjung.

The road has been completely damaged by floods and landslides on the Talekhu-Bhratang hill, which is the most awkward and high-risk road under the road connecting Lower and Upper Manang. 

He said that the upper and lower Manang will be easily accessible after the construction of the road on this hill.

He said that it is difficult to bring the people of Upper Manang to the health office in Chame even in case of general illness.

“Floods and landslides have increased the risk in this section, which is considered a risk at other times as well. Drilling is being carried out to detonate bombs.

Here a road network has been built from the inside by carving the rock. According to him, the road will be constructed by dropping bombs after the completion of drilling for road construction in the area. 

Chairman of Manang Ngisyang Village Municipality Kancha Ghale said that a hole is being made in the rock for road construction.

Excavations are being carried out at other places using JCB to connect the road network. A 22 km road has been opened from Bensishahar under Bensishahar-Chame road. 

Similarly, a road has been opened from Chame to the upper area and the Talekhu-Bhratang road is in the process of construction.

The fuel was brought from an army helicopter through the home ministry to repair the road. 

The road in Chame was cut off on May 28. But again, the floods and landslides on June 15 have completely damaged roads in many places of Manang. 

Engineer Adhikari informed that a new road track is being constructed by the Nepal Army in the area.

After the study and observation of the road damaged by the floods and landslides, the repair work has been started as per the proposal to build a new road. 

The Bensishahar-Chame road section is 107 kilometers long. It is said that efforts are being made to open new tracks in some places under the road.