Test production of electricity from Upper Tamakoshi next week

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Preparations are underway to start testing of power generation from the Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Project of national pride from this year.

The 48-hour tunnel test was completed at midnight on Saturday. 

The work of pulling wires has started from Sunday to connect the electricity of Upper Tamakoshi to the national grid. 

The target is to complete the work by next Thursday.

 After that, trial production of electricity will start, said Ganesh Neupane, spokesperson of the Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Project.

Power generation at full capacity after August

Upper Tamakoshi has a capacity of 456 MW. Out of the six units of the project, 76 MW of electricity will be tested from the first unit next week, said spokesperson Neupane.

“After that, we will generate additional 76 MW of electricity from another unit after July,” Neupane said. “We are preparing to start generating electricity at full capacity from August.”

The electricity generated from Upper Tamakoshi will be connected to the national grid from the new Khimti substation. 

Earlier, when the construction of the new Khimti substation was not completed, the electricity coming from the Tamakoshi corridor was directly connected to Dhalkebar through Khimti substation. 

Now, Tamakoshi’s electricity will be connected to the national grid through Khimti’s new substation. 

All the electricity in the Tamakoshi corridor will be connected to the national transmission from the new Khimti substation.

Khimti-Lamosanghu 132 KV transmission line closed from this morning

The Khimti-Lamosanghu 132 KV transmission line has been shut down since Sunday morning after the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) connected Upper Tamakoshi to the national grid. The Khimti-Lamosanghu 132 KV transmission line will remain closed till July 30.

The NEA has stated that the power supply from the substations from Dhalkebar to Kohalpur will be cut off to the industrial customers in the area when the transmission line is closed. 

Customers in the Kathmandu Valley will also be affected by the power cut.

In this situation, the Nepal Electricity Authority has stated that the management of Kulekhani reservoir will be done using water.

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