The vaccination campaign stopped in Pokhara

Pokhara Vaccination

The vaccination campaign started by Pokhara Metropolitan City has been postponed from Saturday. 

For citizens over the age of 55, a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was announced. Accordingly, the metropolis had also started a campaign.

“We received instructions from the ministry to run Johnson. Accordingly, we have also designated a vaccination center, ‘says Harilal Acharya, chief of the health division of the metropolis.’

Later, when information came that Johnson would not be operated, we installed Vero cell. ‘ The vaccination campaign has been stopped after the vaccination of Vero cell.

Apart from 18 to 33 wards in Pokhara, other age groups above 55 years of age are preparing to vaccinate Johnson.

In some wards, the vaccine for the age group of 62 and above has been made public by the 20/22 age group.

According to the department, there has been a shortage of vaccines given to the target group on the basis of vaccinations given by others.