Vegetable price skyrockets in Kailali Nepal

Vegetable price Kailali Nepal

Vegetable price has skyrocketed in Kailali as the market selling local produce of farmers has not come into operation. 

Prices have risen so much that it is not possible to buy vegetables now that the market, which was closed after the Corona epidemic has spread in the community, has not come into operation.

The bazaar, which was closed last April due to corona, has not been able to come into operation.

“Local vegetable production is also declining in this season. The production of small farmers has not found a market as the market is closed,” said farmer Shambhu Chaudhary.

“This has affected the price of vegetables.” Vegetables from outside the district cannot be touched. The price of vegetables including turnip, bitter gourd, bean, and Beans is more than Rs 100 per kg. ”

When there is a shortage of local vegetable production, the market price has to be paid a lot. During the season, many farmers participate in vegetable production. During this time many people cultivate paddy, even the most produced vegetables are not available in the market.

“Vegetables produced by small farmers used to be sold in the market. When we take them to the vegetable seller, we don’t get the price,” said another farmer Ramesh Dhami. 

The sellers in the market sell at the exorbitant price they bought from us, we are at a loss. ”

There was a crash in April. During the lockdown, the farmers destroyed the vegetables produced in the fields without finding a market. 

“We destroyed vegetables like cucumber, squash, bhindi, sack, green chili, and other crops without finding a market. Now the interest in vegetable farming has decreased,” he said.

The prices of not only vegetables but also fruits have gone up in the district this season. Consumer Maya Chaudhary said that the price of vegetables has gone up due to the lack of vegetable production in the local area and the import of vegetables from other districts during the rainy season.

“Vegetables are not produced at home. Vegetables are very expensive in the market,” she said. Although all the farmers produce vegetables during the season, only commercial farmers produce vegetables during this season. 

As only a limited number of farmers produce vegetables, the price of vegetables is higher this season than at other times. ”

At present, the district imports vegetables from the hilly areas of the far west along with the Indian market. Local vegetable grower Baliram Chaudhary informed that the price of vegetables is high as they come from hilly districts and India.

The agricultural technician suggests that if the concept of Karesabari and Kaushikheti can be used in the production of vegetables in a small area instead of the rural area as a production-oriented and urban area where vegetables are consumed, the high price of vegetables can be avoided.