Video Andra Escamilla Filtrado Goes Viral and Leaves Social Media Scandalized!

video andra escamilla filtrado goes viral and leaves social media scandalized

WATCH: Video Andra Escamilla Filtrado Goes Viral and Leaves Social Media Scandalized!: A young man of non-binary gender, Andra Escamilla is making the headlines at this time and receiving huge attention from people. Yes, we are talking about the young man of the non-binary gender who went viral a long time ago after demanding he is named correctly and alerted people and his admirers who are against digital violence because an intimate video was leaked on social media platforms. Since the matter come out, people have been searching to know more details about the same and also about Andra Escamilla. In this article, we are going to provide you with all details about the video and the man. Follow More Update On

Andra Escamilla Filtrado

Andra Escamilla Filtrado

Video Andra Escamilla Filtrado

A long time ago, Andra Escamilla who is a young man of non-binary gender went viral on the internet after demanding that he is named correctly. Recently, he alerted his followers and people who are against digital violence after an intimate video got leaked on social media platforms. The non-binary man asked people to report the clip and not fall into the crime that represents the Olympia Law. It happened through her social networks where Andra Escamilla, who went viral months ago for asking to be called “compañere” and not compañere, became a victim of digital violence, as private pictures were leaked without her consent.

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Andra Escamilla Filtrado Video Viral On Twitter

As per his statement, the video was first taken illegally from the ‘Fansly’ platform, a page similar to OnlyFans. He asked for it, that if they see it they report it and do not share it. Andra said, “Hello, they uploaded a Fansly video to Twitter and Facebook, and possibly to Reddit and Telegram, and to a platform, so if you see it, please report it.” In early April, Andra announced that she would be posting adult content to the Fansly page.

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Although, in spite of its private content, it is illegal to broadcast, market, or consume videos that were sent to a specific person, and if this happens, the crime of digital violence is committed which arose thanks to the Olympia Law. In Mexico, Digital violence can bring punishments of 3 to 6 years in jail. Additionally, they have changed in favor of the non-binary person and the Olympia Law. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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