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Rapper Goonew


The story about Rapper Goonew is currently travelling quickly on social media, and it has even made the front pages of certain publications. Let’s take a look at his standing body.

Goonew, a rapper, was slain in a shooting. In addition, his bereaved mother has sent a message to his assailants. And the Rapper was only 24 years old when he died suddenly.

Similarly, police in Maryland have published information on the shooting. They have identified the killer as Markelle Morrow, better known by his rapper name Goonew, who was shot dead on Friday.

“All Goonew wanted to do was get his family out of the area,” his mother, Patrice Morrow, told WUSA 9 as her heartbroken daughters encircled her.

On Twitter, rapper Goonew’s funeral standing body video was explained

The family of rapper Goonew held his burial in a club, where his body was hoisted up like a mannequin to engage in the festivities. Furthermore, his body was displayed erect, likely embalmed, in a club lounge in D.C., wearing an Amiri dress and a crown atop his head.

Fans are now going insane over their favourite rapper’s predicament. Goonew was also a gifted and hardworking individual who tried to keep his family out of the gang.

Unfortunately, his wishes were left unfulfilled. Similarly, Goonew’s relatives confirmed that the killer shot him in the back after stealing his watch.

Additionally, authorities located the Rapper with gunshot wounds in a parking area in District Heights just before 6 p.m. on Friday.

Rapper Goonew was shot and killed by unknown assailants

Many of Rapper Goonew’s fans and following were devastated to learn of his passing. And they haven’t stopped expressing their displeasure with his funeral.

The news and footage spread fast through various media outlets. In addition, fans are interested in learning more about the incident and the assailant. The identity of Goonew’s killer, on the other hand, has yet to be revealed.

Furthermore, the Rapper’s family has remained silent on the subject in the media. As a result, the relevant details on the subject are still missing.

Furthermore, the Prince George Police Department has stated that the culprit is still at large, and that details regarding Goonew’s assailant may be released soon.

Rapper Goonew’s Cause of Death

The death of the rapper, Goonew, was confirmed by @DailyPlugMusic in a Twitter post.

Goonew was sent to a local hospital in a critical condition. Furthermore, the PGPD is looking into more details about his murder. The Rapper was shot on 3400 BI. of Walters Lane in District Hits, M.D.