A virus outbreak has erupted in a Chinese city once again

chinese city Guangzhou

An outbreak of infections has alarmed authorities in the Chinese city of Guangzhou again.

The southern Chinese city of Guangzhou shut down a neighborhood and ordered residents to stay at home for door-to-door coronavirus testing.

Guangzhou, a 15-million-strong business and industrial hub north of Hong Kong, has reported 20 new infections in the last week. Although the number is small in comparison to India’s tens of thousands of daily cases, it has alarmed Chinese authorities, who thought they had the disease under control.

Infections spread “quickly and forcefully,” according to health officials quoted in the official Global Times newspaper.

Residents of five streets in Liwan District in the city center were ordered to stay at home on Saturday.

Markets, daycare centers, and entertainment venues were all closed. It was forbidden to eat in a restaurant indoors. In-person classes in elementary schools were ordered to be discontinued.

Residents in four nearby districts were told to limit their outdoor activities.

Following the initial infections, the city government ordered testing of hundreds of thousands of residents. By Wednesday, the government claimed that 700,000 people had been tested.

Every day, China reports a few new cases, but almost all are thought to be people who were infected abroad. The official death toll on the mainland is 4,636 out of 91,061 confirmed cases.