Vivo V21 Now available in Nepali Market, Price & Specifications

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Vivo v21 in Nepali Market

International-awaited company Vivo has also brought Vivo V21 smartphone to the Nepali market from today. Vivo V21 price in Nepal

The V21 Vivo is one of the state-of-the-art smartphones that the company has been producing for a long time.

Its capacity is high and affordable prices are determined according to the preferences of the customer. 

The newly produced Vivo V21 is equipped with attractive optical image stabilization (OIS) front camera.

It is sleek and slim. 

The Vivo V21 incorporates state-of-the-art technology to provide a new experience.

The Vivo V21 has a 44 MPOIS night selfie system front camera. It produces attractive photos. 44 MPOIS can take good photos in low light. 

Users will be able to get better satisfaction from this while the 64 MPOIS Night Camera provides a high level of photography experience. OIS also helps in creating ultrasound videos etc. 

On the other hand, wide-angle photography and macro photography with additional features can be taken.

It captures night shots, action shots, and 4K videos. 

Even if there is not enough light in any situation, a good view can be taken with the help of 44 MPIS Super Night Selfie. 

It features noise control in the photo as well as producing clean and bright photos. A.I. Night algorithm gives enough light to the background and controls the noise of unnecessary photos.

It comes in a 7.29mm ultra-slim design and conveys a message of sophistication. 

As the Vivo V21 is slim and sophisticated at 7.29mm to meet customer demand, demand will continue to grow. 

Vivo V21 has come to the market as an excellent example of modern technology.

This smartphone runs on MTKDimension 800 U processor and has a display refresh rate of 90 Hz. 

The V Vivo V21 has a 33-watt flash charge.

Vivo V21 will be available in Nepal from July 20, 2021 at Rs. 49,999.

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