Voting against Chief Minister Prithvi Gurung continues in Gandaki Pradesh Sabha

Prithvi Gurung

Gandaki Chief Minister Prithvi Gurung is taking a vote of confidence.

Now, in the state assembly meeting, Gurung has expressed his opinion on why he should give a vote of confidence.

He claimed that Gandaki is a model state compared to other states and has done a lot of people-oriented work.

He said that despite discussions on forming a consensus government in his state, an atmosphere of trust could not be created. Gurung is unlikely to get a vote of confidence in the 60-member state assembly.

Rajiv Gurung, who won as an independent, has been decisive in maintaining or collapsing the government. Congress, Maoist Center, Jaspa and Janamorcha have put forward Krishnachandra Nepali of Congress against Gurung.

But Janamorcha MPs Krishna Thapa and Khim Bikram are likely to vote for Gurung. The opposition alliance has 29 votes while Rajiv Gurung Deepak Manange will get 31 votes in favor of the government.