Surya Kumar Shrestha

Ward chairman killed in Sarlahi

Ishwarpur municipality ward no. 3 Of Sarlahi’s Chairman Surya Kumar Shrestha has been killed by being hit by an excavator bucket.

According to SP Santosh Singh Rathore of Sarlahi Police, Harsh Bahadur Tamang hit Shrestha with a bucket. According to SP Rathore, two persons including driver Tamang have been arrested and an investigation is underway.

According to the Sarlahi Police, Ward Chairman Shrestha had gone to Bhaktapur last Friday night to see the beautification work of the pond.

Contractor Prem Raj Dahal also went with Ward Chairman Shrestha to see the beautification work of the pond being carried out from the budget of the municipality. 

According to the police, the excavator driver hit Shrestha on the head and chest with a bucket.

SP Rathore said the cause of the murder was not the issue of the pond or any other political reason.

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