Was Tania Burgess Stabbed To Death- What Happened?

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Tania Burgess, who was 15 at the time, was killed by several stab wounds. Almost 22 years have passed since she died.

The man who stabbed Tania 48 times and left her to die on the street will get supervised parole. DailyMail wrote about him getting out of jail early and how her family wanted him to stay there.

Even though the family of Burgees, the teen who was killed, asked the killer to stay in jail, he will be free on August 1. Justice James Wood says that the person who did it has taken his advice and come out.

Tania Burgess

Tania Burgess

Was Tania Burgess Stabbed To Death- What Happened?

Yes, Tania Burgess was stabbed to death 48 times on July 19, 2005, in the parking lot of Forresters Beach Resort in NSW.

A 16-year-old boy killed 15-year-old Tania for an unknown reason. The man, who is now 32 years old, will now go back to the community on August 1 under close watch. The New South Wales State Parole Authority gave him a second chance because he agreed to all the rules judges set.

On July 19, 2005, Tania was walking home from school on the Central Coast. A person with the online name DL followed her and attacked her, stabbing her several times before running away.

When her parents heard that the attack was over, they ran to help Tania. She died in their arms, which was sad. He was almost never called anything but “DL” because he was a small-time criminal.

According to the Daily Mail, when people rushed Tania to the hospital, she said the killer’s name. She died soon after. News.com says that the three psychiatrists told the court that the murderer had a number of mental health problems at the time of the crime.

During the trial, the psychiatrists talked about how he tried to kill someone while having an anxiety attack, psychosis, or the early stages of schizophrenia.

Tania Burgess Killer Granted Parole-Her Parents Pleas Him To Jail

The 32-year-old killer who killed Tania Burgess will get parole with some restrictions, according to 9 News.

Even though her family asked the judge to keep the man in jail, he will be out of jail in a few weeks. The Daily Mail said that the man in jail has taken all the advice of experts and will be freed with supervision before the end of his sentence next year.

The Senior Offenders Review Council said that his supervision is now the most important thing to help him get back into society and keep the public safe. He was called DL because he was under 18 years old.

In 2005, the people on the jury gave him a sentence of 22 years in prison. He was kept away from the public for more than 17 years because he spent his whole life in jail with other criminals and killers.

After DL is released, he will have to tell the authorities every day where he is going because they will be tracking him electronically. Also, he should tell a forensic phycologist about the metal treatment and follow other strict rules.

But Tania’s parents asked that he not be let out for a few more years. But the court decided to let him go as long as he followed some strict rules.

Tania Burgess Family-What Her Mother’s Statements?

When the jury decided to let DL go with some restrictions, it was sad for her parents. She told Daily Mail that her two other children had a hard time talking about their dead sister for about 17 years.

Mandy talked about how hard it was for her family after her daughter died. She told Ben Fordham on 2GB that she couldn’t stand to see the person who did her wrong go free and start a new life because he had made her life so hard.

Ms. Burgess is afraid of the scared killer who lives in her neighborhood. She thinks the killer is still out there, but no one knows who he is. Now, the mom has trouble trusting people.

Her two kids, Gemma and Blake, found out yesterday afternoon that DL was freed. Mandy thinks that Gemma doesn’t know about it because she’s so busy with work.

James Wood told Tania’s parents, who were in court, that the parole board was very sorry about what had happened.

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