Was Tasila Lungu Arrested? Parliament Member Appears Before DEC

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The Drug Enforcement Commission Money Laundering Unit summoned Tasila Lungu, the daughter of Zambian former President Edgar Lungu, for questioning.

Tasila Lungu Mwansa is the daughter of Zambian politician Edgar Lungu, who served as the country’s sixth president.

She was elected as the Member of Parliament for Chawama, although she has been involved in a lot of legal issues since then. Perhaps, as the netizens suspect, it’s all a ruse by her opponent.

Tasila Lungu

Tasila Lungu

Was Tasila Lungu Arrested? Parliament Member Appears Before DEC

Former President Edgar Lungu’s daughter, Tasila Lungu, was detained by the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Money Laundering Unit for questioning.

She was just elected as a Member of Parliament (MP) in Zambia’s Chawama district.

Tasila and her husband Patrick, as well as Mpika Member of Parliament Francis Kampyanga, arrived at the Commission’s Lusaka offices this morning.

The questioning in the Commission’s Lusaka Province office lasted just over an hour. Attempts to reach Ms. LUNGU or her lawyer for a statement were futile because they chose to keep mute as they walked out of the building.

The Commission did not question her, according to Diamond TV, since one of the DEC officers is reportedly ill.

Mrs. Tasila Mwansa will be back in court on Friday, June 10, 2022.

Ms. Tasila is admired by the internet community as a young and determined politician who deserves justice. Because of all the sacrifices she has made for Chawama, she is known as their mother.

Tasila Lungu, a Member of Parliament, Appearing Before the DEC

Tasila Lung, a Chawama legislator, was called before the DEC on suspicion of money laundering. The inquiry is ongoing, and the specifics will be released shortly after her next court appearance on Friday, June 10.

She was suspended in December of last year after contesting the budget debate on Head 101. Because it was derived from an ancient scripture, it was in violation of the constitution.

Tasila, on the other hand, expressed no regret for being suspended for supporting the constitution, claiming that one cannot function outside of the country’s standards.

Mulenga Fube, a Chilubi MP, claimed that every time the constitution was violated in parliament, he was more committed to safeguard it, even if it meant risking arrest.

On March 15, Attractor Chisangano, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, suspended PF MPs for 30 days, which expired on April 13. According to section 22 of the Powers and Privileges Act, she was suspended for violating parliamentary privileges.

Ms. Mwansa indicated in an interview that being suspended was the correct thing to do in order to defend the constitution. Zambians voted them to parliament to protect the law, she stated, and they did so without hesitation.

“We defended the constitution because it was the right thing to do; you can’t function without it; people put us to parliament to safeguard the constitution, and that’s exactly what we did,” Ms. Mwansa added.

Drug Enforcement Review And Charges For Tasila Lungu

The Drug Enforcement Administration’s Money Laundering Unit summoned Tasila Lungu today to review her allegations. The questioning, however, yielded no results since Tasila and her lawyer stayed silent and refused to answer the authorities’ queries.

According to Diamond TV, the Commission did not interview her because one of the DEC officers is apparently ill.

As soon as we have more information regarding the situation, we will notify you.

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