WATCH: Mahira Sharma Interview Viral Video Actress Walks Out Of Press Conference

watch mahira sharma interview viral video actress walks out of press conference

The reality show Bigg Boss 13 is well-known. Mahira Sharma has made the news once more. One of her interviews, in which she is shown walking out after being questioned about her weight gain, has gone popular on social media. Her recent interview tapes have gone viral on the internet, capturing the interest of internet users. It appears that everyone is talking about it. You’ve already seen the video by now, but if you haven’t, read on for the full story in this article and learn everything there is to know about her.

Mahira Sharma

Mahira Sharma

Actress Mahira Sharma Responds to a Body Shaming Question in a Viral Video Interview

After one of her recent interview tapes went viral, the Punjabi model and actress has been trending on social media. As shown in the video, Mahira storms out of an interview before it even starts because the interviewer’s first question is on her recent weight gain. People do not allow anyone to live in peace, according to the journalist, because they continuously comment on a person’s looks, whether they are too thin or too overweight.

Mahira Sharma’s Interview Has Gone Viral

The camera and the journalist both turned to face Mahira when the journalist remarked that something similar is happening with her these days. Mahira stood up and exited the interview, indicating her displeasure with the question. It didn’t take long for the video to become a social media sensation. While some applauded Mahira for refusing to accept insults about her body, Shehnaaz Gill’s fans labeled it “karma,” referring to Mahira’s mockery of Shehnaaz’s weight during their time on Bigg Boss 13.


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“Karma, Mahira Sharma, the girl who body-shamed my Sana for her weight gain is now being attacked by every reporter,” one person commented.

When Mahira fans pleaded with them to stop spreading hate, the message was taken down. Another user stated that they had not sunk to her level and said anything, but she had already been enraged.

Harpreet Dhillon, another user, speculated that the model may have forgotten what she said to Shehnaaz Gill during the show, in which she urged her not to body-shame others if she couldn’t stand it herself. Whatever the case may be, Mahira Sharma is clearly capturing the public’s attention. Mahira recently made headlines for her supposed cooperation with BTS, a Korean boy band, after one of its members, RM, shared a photo of her on his Instagram account. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, though.

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