‘We tell the world about climate crisis and culture’

July 9, Kathmandu. What is the difference between a tourist and a traveler? The tourist does not have a definite destination, he is free to roam, but the traveler has a destination. Sarisha Shrestha and Nancy Khadka feel the same way.

Miss Nepal Earth Sarisha and Miss Nepal International Nancy compare ‘Miss Nepal Pageant’ with these features. The two beauties were chatting with online news after winning the crown in Kathmandu on Thursday after the onset of monsoon.

Sarisha from Lalitpur, who is also a doctor, says that beauty pageants like Miss Nepal are a way to give voice to the people. “Miss Nepal is not a destination for me, it is a platform,” she says. That is the only way to make them sound. Now the way is open. ‘

Sarisha says that human talent should not be limited to any one area. “I want to bring positive changes in health literacy, environment and society,” she says.

Beauty pageant is not new to Nancy from Biratnagar, who was previously the runner-up of Miss Nepal Universe 2020. Diva, who has been featured in foreign newspapers, has been spotted after winning the title of Miss Nepal International this time.

Sarisha Shrestha
Miss Nepal means Sarisha Shrestha

Nancy says, ‘For me the crown was a symbol of time and responsibility. It’s not just the platform and the crown, it’s a job for me and I’ve finally got it. ‘ Nancy’s dream since childhood was to become Miss Nepal and eventually she did.

Her passion for Miss Nepal was such that even after becoming a runner-up in the national edition of Miss Universe, her pride was not erased. ‘It was a dream for many years. Everything was happening fast. The next morning after winning the crown, I had breakfast with my friends, ‘she heard.

Sarisha, on the other hand, felt unreal the next morning after winning the crown. “Even the day after the victory, I felt like an unrealist. I was happy, the hard work also brought good results, ‘she says,’ now I want to work and show. ‘

Sarisha wants to reach the international competition of Miss Earth and present issues related to the crisis caused by climate change and heat in Nepal. He is preparing to present climate issues including melting mountains and glaciers, spreading forest fires, increasing the risk of floods and landslides.

She also wants to make a statement on the air quality in Kathmandu. And the confidence that Miss Earth would win was also reflected in her. ‘My country is my X-factor. Not only the environment, there are many things that we can recognize Nepal in the world. At the same time, I have a commitment, ‘she says.

Nancy is also preparing for the Miss International pageant to be held in Japan on December 13. ‘I started working as soon as I won the crown. I am also doing research on this, ‘she says,’ I will not be like others. My presence is my empowerment. ‘

Nyansi Khadka
Miss Nepal International Nancy Khadka

Of course, becoming Miss Nepal is the dream of Nepal’s young ladies. This time 800 people applied out of which 200 people auditioned, only 24 people competed in the finals.

Sarisha and Nancy have a lot of advice for the new girl dreaming of Miss Nepal. Sarisha suggests to compete in Miss Nepal only by giving priority to education and career. Says, ‘Understand Miss Nepal as a platform rather than a goal. Prioritize education and career. Understand the hard work required. Miss Nepal is not going to change in one month, it is to hone the talent. Understand the many types of pageants. ‘

Nancy also recommends working hard. He advises to come only after careful preparation from the beginning.

How do these beauties describe themselves? Sarisha describes herself as ‘Dreamer’, ‘Believer’ and ‘Achiever’. ‘I like to dream, I see with open eyes,’ she said philosophically.

Nancy wants to be known as ‘confident’, ‘inspiring’, ’empathetic’. ‘The world still has to understand this aspect of me,’ she says. Sarisha and Nancy are some of the representative examples of the modern young generation who dream and want to make their voice heard in the world, who want to be role models for the society.

Picture/Video : Shankar Giri/Online news

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