We will participate in the election by announcing the Prime Ministerial candidate: Ravi – Online Khabar

July 7, Kathmandu. Rastriya Swatantra Party president Ravi Lamichhane has said that his party will run in the upcoming elections by nominating a prime ministerial candidate.

Lamichhane, who left media and entered politics, announced his party only on Tuesday. He has also applied to the Election Commission for party registration.

According to Lamichhane, he is the party president himself. Although he has 21 office bearers in the party, he did not want to reveal the names of other office bearers. He said, “We have appointed officials for the purpose of party registration. The country does not know, there are people who know the country. ‘

Talking to media persons after applying for party registration, Lamichhane said that his party would go to the polls along with the prime ministerial candidate. Earlier, he said, “We will select the prime ministerial candidate from the primary and the prime minister will form a team of ministers.” That is why we are going to the polls. ‘

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