Nepal Weather sunday

Weather to improve from Sunday morning

Nepal weather: The influence of the low-pressure area developed in the Arabian Sea has also affected Nepal’s climatic system. 

Meteorologists have forecast that the effect will be less from next Sunday.

According to the Meteorological Department of the Department of Water and Meteorology, light rain will fall in one or two places in the hilly region and snow will fall in many places in the mountainous region due to the impact of the low-pressure area developed in the Arabian Sea. Currently, there is a state of change in the lands from the far west to Bagmati Pradesh.

Such a situation will remain till Saturday night, said Meteorologist Nirajan Sapkota. ‘From Sunday morning, it gradually opens from the west to the east. It also increases transparency, ”said meteorologist Sapkota. (Nepal weather)

The partial effect of the low-pressure system developed in the Arabian Sea is expected to increase the cold in most parts of the country and reduce the transparency due to the blanket, the department said. The department has requested to take necessary precautions as the lack of transparency will have a general impact on the road and air transport sector as well. (Nepal weather)

Meteorologist Sapkota says that the partial effect of air pollution seen in neighboring India is also in Nepal. “Dust particles (dust particles) have entered Nepal by mixing it with water vapor, which has reduced visibility,” said Sapkota.

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