What did Ketaki Chitale Post About Sharad Pawar? Derogatory Meaning On Facebook

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What did Ketaki Chitale Post About Sharad Pawar? Derogatory Meaning On Facebook:

Thane Police nabbed a Marathi actor Ketaki Chitale for writing a disparaging tweet on social media platforms on NCP president Sharad Power, according to reports on the internet. Everyone was stunned when the tweet was published on the internet. And I can’t think the individual who tweeted it was fine or that something was wrong with him. Because no one has ever attempted to publish something derogatory about anyone, particularly in his situation.

Ketaki ChitaleKetaki Chitale

Ketaki Chitale

What did Ketaki Chitale Post About Sharad Pawar?

He had a large personality and was a dynamic individual. He has the ability to achieve anything with his abilities, yet he never does. Chitale did not say who the person who tweeted on his account was in his Marathi message sent on Friday. Pawar’s surname was only mentioned, along with his age of 80.

Ketaki Chitale Arrested Over Post Against Sharad Pawar

As you already know, the actor messed up with Sharad Pawar. He was apprehended by Thane Police. He lived in Navi Mumbai and was 29 years old. It is unknown how many members of the family there are. And where are they now? In this scenario, the cops are exceedingly strict. And they believe that since the internet’s introduction, people have had more freedom. No one has tried to bring a large celebrity or any renowned figure down before the internet.

When the platforms arrived, though, people began to relax. And that’s presuming they’re not seen by the cop’s eyes. However, they are unaware that every system has a weakness, and they will be able to obtain any personal information simply by discovering the individual’s IP address. Things are much easier now that the internet is available. Nobody on the internet hides their identity. Anyone can monitor it by just looking up the person’s address.

Ketaki Chitale Arrest Charges Explained

Several provisions of the Indian Penal Code were used to charge Ketaki. He has been charged with defamation, printing or engraving defamatory content, and fostering hostility between diverse groups based on religion, race, caste, birth, and language, according to sources. Cops have also filed a FIR in this instance, and they are being very severe. Even if they have his bail papers, they would not easy release him. Twitter’s conventions and guidelines have also been modified. So that if someone tries to do so, his post will be automatically deleted.

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