What Happened To Actor Roel Navarro From Mayans MC? Pavia Character Status Desrcibed

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Mayans MC’s Roel Navarro is a well-known actor who played the character Pavia in the series. Learn more about the multi-talented actor’s current locations.

Roel NavarroRoel Navarro

Roel Navarro

Roel Navarro is a brilliant actor who has been in a number of successful films, including Bosch, Empire, and Training Day.

Roel is best recognized for his role in the Mayan MC series as Pavia.

He made his debut appearance in the second season of the popular show’s opening episode.

Pavia, the vice-president of the Mayans Motorcycle Club, Tuscon Charter, is played by Roel.

He made his debut in the ‘Xbalanque’ episode and has received a lot of appreciation from viewers for doing the VP role justice with his versatile and in-depth acting skills.

What Happened To Mayans MC Actor Roel Navarro?

Roel Navarro, who portrays Pavia in the FX series Mayans MC, is doing well and managing his life in a responsible manner.

The well-known actor prefers to stay away from the spotlight in order to enjoy his family life to the fullest.

He lives a solitary and secluded existence away from the prying eyes of the media, which are constantly on the lookout for flaws and fallacies to publish and taint images.

A few reports about Roel Navarro’s health have been spreading on social media platforms and the internet, but none have been confirmed as of yet.

Roel has worked on projects such as 2019’s Empire and 2020’s Bosch.

Mayans Motorcycle Club is a foe turned ally who exists in the same reality as Sons Of Anarchy.

Learn About Actor Roel Navarro’s Circulating Death Hoax

On the internet, there are a few false claims and hoaxes about Roel Navarro’s death.

The well-known actor is doing well, and there has been a significant mix-up or blunder since an electrician with the same name from Corpus Christi has died.

Roel Navarro, an electrician from Texas who died in 2019 at the Doctors Regional Corpus Christi Hospital, was born in 1977.

An obituary was written in his honor, and a memorial service was held at St. John’s The Baptist Catholic Church on January 25, 2019.

Explore Details On Pavia Mayans Mc And Updates

Pavia from the FX series Mayans MC is the vice-president of the Mayans Motorcycle Club, a real-life motorcycle gang based in the same universe as Sons of Anarchy.

Pavia was played by Roel Navarro in the series.

Pavia is still alive and well in the franchise, making his first appearance in the second season’s first episode, ‘Xbalanque.’

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