What Happened To Bernice Gray? ID’s American Monster To Explore Unsolved Murder Mystery

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Bernice Gray hasn’t been seen since the day after Christmas in 1991. According to the prosecution’s case, Gray’s ex-boyfriend Robert William Pann shot her in her car and buried her body, which was never found, after she dropped off her 1-year-old son at daycare but before she got to work. This happened after she dropped her son off at daycare but before she got to work. On June 19, 2022, the next episode of ID’s American Monster will be about the murder of Bernice Gray, which seems impossible to solve. Check out all the information here.

The official summary of the episode, which was written by Bruce Kennedy and directed by Bill Thomas, says that Robert Pann, a real estate developer, and Bernice Gray, a student nurse, seem like the perfect match. But buried secrets are about to end this relationship that seems to be perfect. A few days after the woman went missing, the police found her abandoned car with blood on the inside. That’s when everything started.

Bernice Gray

Bernice Gray

What Happened To Bernice Gray?

Even though there was no body of the victim, strong leads, and few evidence and witnesses, the unsolved case went on for years with only one main suspect: the ex-boyfriend. When she was legally declared dead in 1995, the police were able to build a murder case by getting as much information and witness testimony as they could to find the killer. In 2001, Robert Pann, the victim’s ex-boyfriend, was found guilty of murder and put to death after a trial that seemed very hard to win.

Reports say that when Bernice Gray was declared legally dead in 1995, the investigation picked up speed and a key fact from the two days before she went missing came to light. Investigators say that when Bernice said no to Pann’s proposal, he threatened to kill her. The jeweler said that when his ex-girlfriend went missing, he even tried to give back the engagement ring. The first statement said that Pann’s shoes were covered in mud and grass.

Even though it was hard to build a murder case without the body of the victim, the police eventually had enough evidence to hold Robert Pann for allegedly being involved in the murder. In 2001, nearly ten years after Gray was thought to have died and gone missing, he was tried, found guilty of first-degree murder, and given a life sentence plus two years for having a gun. Let us tell you that this scary story will be on TV on June 19, 2022, at 9/8c. Follow our site to get more updates and news about what’s happening around the world.

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