What Happened To Bianca Valerio? Assault Allegations Explained

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What Happened To Bianca Valerio? Assault Allegations Explained: Netizens are presently looking to know “What happened to Bianca Valerio?” Admirers are concerned as she talked about assault accusations in her recent video on social media. She is gaining huge support from her fans who have motivated her to lodge a case against him. Bianca Valerio is a Filipina-Spanish-Taiwanese lifestyle Television Personality, event host, and internet host from the Philippines. She has made a buzz after disclosing that she was the sufferer of an assault on the 23rd of June, 2021, at the time of one of the events she hosted. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Bianca Valerio

What Happened To Bianca Valerio?

Bianca Valerio made a Tweet on Wednesday (30th of March, 2022) about her se*ual assault. She posted on the web that she was se*ually assaulted on the 23rd of June, 2021, by created working for a famous mobile application. Bianca stated the attacker was one of the guests at a small private party that she was contracted to host. She continues to write, “prior to that evening, I had never watched, met, or heard of this man.”

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The assailant attempted to make a friendship with her by describing to her how to use his application and even giving her wallet credits for the mobile application. She referred to him as a cuddly teddy bear that completely embodied what Mr. PR is known for. Bianca only discovered the true intention of the men after he se**ally assailed her and furthermore, he was never invited to the party, she was hosting.

Bianca Valerio Assault Allegations Explained

She later found that he was never invited to the party for this specific behavior. She was allegedly one of several of his sufferers throughout the years. Her attacker was a sentenced offender, a man with a criminal record dating back to the year 2014. With teary eyes, she spends the rest of the 20-minute video explaining her choice to come out and talked about her experience.

She described that several of her assailant’s other sufferers had remained silent as they “had to live with the embarrassment of being judged.” Valerio expressed her dissatisfaction with putting on a pleasant from and elementally lying to herself and pretending that nothing had happened. She described that she had accused herself, tortured, and had caused herself injury after the incident.

Bianca said that she intended to go to the cops and lodge a lawsuit against the man, who remained unknown throughout the video.

Is Bianca Valerio Wedded? Spouse Information In The Middle of Assault Accusations 

The 23-year-old television personality, Bianca Valerio does not appear to be wedded right now. In the middle of the assault accusations, there is no information available about her beau or spouse on the web. People are interested in learning more about her personal life and relationships after she disclosed that she was assaulted. Though there si nothing available.

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