What Happened To Carlos Sainz Today At The F1 Qualifying Round? The Crash Made Fans Anxious

what happened to carlos sainz today at the f1 qualifying round the crash made fans

Carlos Sainz will compete in the Formula One qualifying rounds for the second time in two weeks. His fans are worried about the accident.

Carlos SainzCarlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz is a former MotoGP driver who now competes in Formula One. Last year, he joined Scuderia Ferrari at the end of the 2020 season.

In the year 2012, Sainz raced for Carlin in the British and European Formula 3 championships. He competed for DAMS in the 2014 Formula Renault 3.5 season.

On Friday, April 22, 2022, the Formula One racer agreed to a new two-year Ferrari deal. He’ll remain a member of the team till 2024.

What Happened To Carlos Sainz Today? F1 Racer Crash In Qualifying Round

On April 24, 2022, Carlos Sainz crashed during the qualifying rounds at Imola. He was unable to get going after being forced into the gravel trap.

Before the collision, Sainz was in a great position to at least compete for a podium after starting the race in fourth place.

Sainz’s vehicle was slightly ahead of Daniel Ricciardo’s, as seen in the replay clip. When Sainz was pushed by Ricciardo, they ended up in the gravel path, which caused the accident.

Daniel, like Sainz, was unable to regain his wheels. Meanwhile, Sainz was seen angrily telling his team, “Ricciardo hit me.”

Meanwhile, Ricciardo has made it clear that he was not to culpable for the impact from behind. “I got shoved into Sainz,” he said over the team radio. Nonetheless, thanks to God’s grace, the two were spared any harm.

Carlos Sainz’s most recent crash occurred two weeks after he wrecked in Melbourne. He had crashed out on Lap 2 back then. Following the incident, the racer reported that he had trouble starting his car, leaving him in ninth place on the grid.

F1 Racer Carlos Sainz’s Crash Has Made Fans Anxious

On Sunday, April 24, 2022, Carlos Sainz tweeted about his accident. His statements have caused concern among his supporters, since the driver was plainly enraged with Daniel Ricciardo.

Sainz has spoken out about his bad luck, saying, “I braked hard into turn 1, giving myself plenty of room, but Daniel lost control of the car and smacked me from behind. It’s a shame, because we were looking forward to a thrilling race. I’m confident that we’ll be able to turn things around. Now it’s on to Miami.”

“Tough crash for @Ferrari and @Carlossainz55,” one of his supporters, @AubsH20, tweeted.

@davifr359 tweeted: “#EmiliaRomagnaGP #EmiliaRomagnaGP #EmiliaRomag Regarding the accident involving @danielricciardo and @Carlossainz55 No one is to blame, although both could have avoided it.”

“Ted Kravitz believes Daniel Ricciardo’s crash into Carlos Sainz was caused by a puncture or some other type of tire problem,” tweeted @TheFormulaF1.

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