What Happened To David Warburton? Weight Loss, Wife, And Cocaine Drugs Scandal Explained

David Warburton


What Happened To David Warburton? Weight Loss, Wife, And Cocaine Drugs Scandal Explained: Stir has been created on the internet thanks to David Warburton’s suspension news which was broke out on the internet on Saturday. According to the reports, he is accused of sexual assault due to which he is facing suspension from his party. He is a renowned politician in his country and since 2015 he is serving as a Member of Parliament for Somerton and Frome. But now he is in the headlines of the news channel because of some serious allegation levied on him. All eyes have been set on this trending news which is why it was important for us to come up with every authentic information linked with his headline, and after following various reports we have prepared this article for our readers so go down the page till the last. Follow More Update On

David Warburton

What Happened To David Warburton?

Prior to serving as the MP for Somerton and Frome, he represented the Conservative Party. Currently, he is facing suspension for being alleged to be portrayed with cocaine and sexual assault on three women. David Warburton has also remained the Chief Executive, Chairman, and founder of Pitch Entertainment Group. He has a long-serving history in which he reportedly worked in various fields such as shop assistant, van driver, and cleaner. As he is in news headlines nowadays people also want to learn about his marriage and wife.

As there are many people who are questioning if he is married or not? And the answer is Yes he is a married man who tied the knot with his wife named Harriet Baker-Bates. Both are together for years and there is no altercation news of the couple has been reported to the media. His wife Harriet was born in 1969 and she is the daughter of former Deputy High Commissioner named Merrick Baker-Bates. The couple has welcomed two children in their relationship. It is seeming that he is living with his wife but other information about his wife and marriage is yet to come out.

On Saturday the news of David Warburton’s suspension from the political party came out in the media after a sequence of charges relating to cocaine use and sexual assault levied on him. Reportedly, he is accused of harassing three women sexually while a picture is also in circulation in which he is being seen sitting alongside cocaine strips. As of now, that is on this topic but further developments in this matter will be uploaded on this page.