What Happened To Ernie Sigmon? Boater Found Dead In Choptank River

what happened to ernie sigmon boater found dead in choptank river

The body of Mechanicsville man Ernie Sigmon was found by police on June 20, 2022. He told Dorchester County about a worried person from Choptank River.

The body of Sigmon, who had been missing for six months, was found in Dorchester County. On December 29, 2022, he was last seen on his boat. His family has gathered the troop to pray to the Lord for his return on January 7, 2022.

His father, mother, wife, and son were also worried about him, but they finally got to say goodbye to him.

Ernie Sigmon

Ernie Sigmon

Ernie Sigmon Body Found – What Happened To Him?

After 173 days, the body of Sigmon has finally been found. The body was found in the Choptank River in Dorchester County on June 20, 2022. This past Monday, the police found the dead body. However, the case is still being looked into.

In December 2021, the Sigmon found the ship, but he was nowhere to be found. So, the troops searched for about six months, which led to the death in the end. During the investigation, they used underwater sonar to find Sigmon.

The police spent six months looking for the missing body before they found it. Monday morning, around 11:00, they found the part. A resident of the Choptank called the police to tell them about the dead body they had found in the river.

Also, the officer has looked into the case more and knows more about the victim. The matter was told to the Maryland Natural Resources Police on December 29. At 6:15 pm, they went to help with the search.

When the officer got to the Chesapeake Bay off of Plum Point, they looked at the 25ft open 252 Sportsman’s vessel while Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Deputies got out of the boat at the same time. Sigmon was going to Calvert County to see the circles. And knows nothing about what he did during that time.

It has been said. Sigmon went fishing in the country at 1 p.m., and people noticed him two hours later. After that, he didn’t come back to the boat and didn’t leave any clues about where he went.

Ernie Sigmon Cause Of Death?

Sigmon seemed to have died because he fell off the boat while fishing. Since December, the fisherman has not been seen on the boat. Later, people saw him on the Choptank River and told the police about him.

But the real reason why Erin died hasn’t been found out yet. The case is being worked on by the police. They had been looking into the matter for more than six months before they found something about the report yesterday. On his social page, Ernie Sigmon Jr. wrote about his father.

Ernie Sigmon Age & Family Details Explored?

When Sigmon got lost on the boat, he was 44 years old. He was found to be the man from Mechanicsville, and his name is Ernest Sigmon III. His family is very nice. Also, he has told his son and wife about every memory on the social platform.

Sigmon’s 25-foot boat sank in the Chesapeake Bay a few months ago, but his family was still hoping to find their loved one. Friends and neighbors have pushed for the person to come back. His aunt Ann Boelke has said that she wants Sigmon to come back home.

After Ernie Sigmon went missing for more than a week, his family members got together for a prayer vigil in Solomons. The pondering has been going on. On January 7, though, his family and friends gathered at the Solomons boardwalk gazebo in the early afternoon.

Audrey Boelke Sigmon, his father, wrote in the caption, “Dear God, thank you for another beautiful sunrise. Help us find our son, please. Ernie, we love and miss you. Every day, I pray for you.’

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