What Happened To Jennice Sanchez Massachusetts? Car Accident – Has She Passed Away?

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Jennice Sanchez, a local woman, died in an accident in Massachusetts. Her family and friends were shocked to hear about her death, and there have been a lot of tributes and obituaries posted on social media.

Jennice Sanchez was a woman from Cambridge, Massachusetts. At the time of her death, she was living in Everett, Massachusetts. Her two kids, a son and a daughter, will carry on after she’s gone.

The police are still looking into what happened that led to the fatal crash, so it is not clear what happened. Let’s look at the life and family of the late Massachusetts resident Jennice Sanchez.

Jennice Sanchez

Jennice Sanchez

Massachusetts: Did Jennice Sanchez Died In Car Accident?

A car accident killed a woman named Jennice Sanchez from Massachusetts. On June 11, 2022, in Massachusetts, she was in a crash that killed someone.

Her family and friends were shocked to hear about Jennice’s death. People who knew the Massachusetts woman posted many tributes and obituaries on Facebook after she died.

Pedro Zayas, her uncle, wrote a touching tribute to his late niece in one of the posts. He said that Jennice was a young soul with a bright light who loved life and was very loved by her friends and family. He wrote that he hoped the news that she had died was just a bad dream.

Since Jennice Sanchez died, there have been a lot of tributes on Facebook.

Since Jennice Sanchez died, there have been a lot of tributes on Facebook.

Jennice Sanchez Age Details?

Jennice Sanchez died when she was only 36 years old. On May 17, 1986, she was born, and on June 11, 2022, she died.

Jennice was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and then she and her family moved to Everett, Massachusetts.

The woman from Massachusetts went to high school at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School, where her father and other members of her family also went. Jennice graduated from school in 2004, and in 2005 she got a job at the local Target store.

Sanchez held different jobs in the chain of department stores. She started as a Service and Engagement Lead, then became a Human Resources Team Leader, and was recently promoted to Executive Team Leader in Human Resources at Target.

Jennice Sanchez Husband And Family Details?

Jennice Sanchez has not said anything on her Facebook about her husband. But she leaves behind her two children.

The older one is a son named Jevaun who was born in 2007, and the younger one is a daughter who was born in 2012. Her children will miss her very much.

Jennice was also born to Luis Luciano Sr. and Jen Zayas, who were married at the time. One of her brothers is named Luis Luciano Jr., but no one knows the name of her other brother.

Jennice’s death has come as a hard surprise to her friends and family. Her family and friends will miss her.

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