What Happened To John Darwin And His Wife And Where Are They Now?

what happened to john darwin and his wife and where are they now

What Happened To John Darwin And His Wife And Where Are They Now?: On social media, a story was revolving on the internet that John Darwin who was working in a real estate company has faked his death news in a North Sea canoeing accident. In the eyes of the public, he was dead but in reality, he was alive living in Panama with his wife. When police knew that he was living in Panama with his wife. They arrested him and put him in the lockup. In this article, we gonna discuss what exactly happened to him and what is the truth behind his faking death? Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

John Darwin

John Darwin

What Happened To John Darwin?

With €700,000 in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy, he decided to fake the news of his death in a North Sea canoeing accident. He asked his wife to support him with this lie and also demanded €250,000 for life insurance. His wife agrees with him and she didn’t tell anybody that he was living in a dormitory secretly and hides this truth for almost five years. After five years, when things went back to normal. Cops were closing his case.

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Where Is John Darwin Now?

He decided to start a new life in Panama where no one will disturb them. But it didn’t happen to him the way he was thinking. He couldn’t live or work until his identity was not confirmed. Whenever he goes to a company, they always ask him that Your joining will be confirmed. The next day you have to bring some identity or your solid proof documents to verify whether you are not involved in any type of crime. This is the reason why he never gets a job in any company. He replies that you wouldn’t allow me to work in your organization until you confirmed my identity. They say yes, it’s the company rules, we can’t go beyond that.

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But one day, the couple made a mistake. They clicked the photo of themselves in a Panama real estate company. They post it online where many likes and comments came from all over the world. Cops found the photo online and arrested both of them in the case of fraud and hiding the truth for almost five years. This story shocked many people when it came out on the internet. Most people cannot believe that John has hidden the truth from the beginning.

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