What Happened To Julie Goodwin? Mental Health Update And Husband

what happened to julie goodwin mental health update and husband

Julie Goodwin, the first Australian MasterChef, discusses her mental health struggles. Let’s have a peek at the article to understand more about her difficult journey.

Julie GoodwinJulie Goodwin

Julie Goodwin

Julie Goodwin, the woman who cooked her way into our hearts as the first woman to win MasterChef on television, received clarity one evening in January this year through the eyes of her beloved husband, Mick, who was cheering her on from the sidelines.

Her sickness was exposed in an interview with the Gold Coast Bulletin in October, when she stated that she was ill and had gone into a mental health facility for five weeks in February 2020.

She stated she couldn’t muster a smidgeon of energy, happiness, or anything else. She was physically fatigued as a result of her exhaustion.

What Happened To Julie Goodwin?

Julie Goodwin has been a household name among Masterchef Australia viewers since the show’s premiere in 2009. In 2009, she became the show’s first-ever winner.

She has spoken out about how her mental health deteriorated, affecting her career and robbing her of her enthusiasm of her profession. She recalls how tough it was for her to even consider walking into the kitchen.

In a similar vein, she was arrested and charged twice with driving while inebriated beyond the legal limit four years ago, and as a result, she has had substantial challenges in her life. In an interview with Australian Women’s Weekly published earlier this month, Goodwin admits to being suicidal during that time.

Goodwin wrote a long letter to the station’s listeners in 2020 to explain her extended absence from her radio show, explaining her battle with depression and stress, as well as her subsequent hospitalization.

Julie Goodwin Mental Health Update And Husband

Julie Goodwin, the MasterChef winner, has spoken up about her recovery from acute depression, which she suffered after spending five weeks in a mental health facility in 2020.

Exercise, counseling, and medication are among the 50-year-self-care old’s approaches for maintaining good mental health. Julie described her hospitalization as “humbling” in her own words.

She also added that the folks in the hospital who were surrounding her were all absolutely gorgeous and that everyone was coping with their own set of problems in their own way.

Despite the fact that the previous year has been traumatic for Julie, the birth of her first grandchild, Delilah Marlene, has given her hope for the future. On social media, she posted a selfie of herself and her husband, Mick, cuddling up to the new addition to the family.

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