What Happened To Kelsey Jeter? Debra Jeter Daughter Death and Family Tragedy Explained

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Kelsey Jeter, a 12-year-old Hillsboro girl, was murdered by her own mother, Debra Jeter, on June 5, 2009.

The news and case of Debra Jeter cutting her own daughter’s neck is unnerving, despite the passage of time.

She sliced the throats of both of her children on June 5, 2009, at the age of 32, at an abandoned home off of Interstate 77 in Hillsboro, Texas.

Debra Jeter was accused of viciously abusing her older daughter, Kiersten, in 2004, but the charges were dropped after she finished mental health therapy.

Her 12-year-old daughter, Kelsey, was also brutally slain with a knife in that incident.

Kiersten Jeter

Kiersten Jeter

What Happened To Kelsey Jeter?

Debra devised a plan to meet her two children, Kelsey and Kiersten, after being released from the hospital, and drove them to an abandoned house off Interstate 77 just before Route 35 in Milford.

According to reports, Jeter began by stabbing Kiersten in the stomach with a knife. Kiersten yelled for her sibling to run as she fought with her mother. Debra’s focus shifted away from Kiersten and onto Kelsey as a result.

While defending her sister, Kiersten was stabbed in the back. Debra cut Kelsey’s throat in the abandoned house’s bathroom, and she died terribly.

Debra reappeared and slashed Kiersten across the neck, severing her airway and a major artery. Kiersten was rushed for emergency surgery after being discovered in the abandoned house’s bedroom, and she survived.

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Debra Jeter’s Daughter, Kelsey Jeter’s Death

Debra Jeter’s daughter Kelsey Jeter died tragically after her mother stabbed her in the neck. Furthermore, the incident occurred two weeks after she was momentarily detained for attempting suicide in front of her two girls.

During the attack, Kiersten, the oldest daughter, was gravely hurt. Kiersten was discovered with a knife wound to her back and a slit neck, presumably as a result of her attempt to save her younger sister from the attack.

Despite her horrendous injuries, Kelsey remained conscious and alive, urging her mother to call for help. She, on the other hand, did not make it through the trauma.

Debra further rationalized her heinous behavior by claiming that her divorce and child custody battle had left her “heartbroken.”

Kelsey Jeter’s Family Tragically Breaks Down

Kelsey Jeter’s entire family of four vanished in a flash, and the 12-year-old died.

Her mother’s attempt at the horrible act, as previously stated, was a mirror of her broken heart, which was unable to absorb the grief she was feeling as a result of her divorce and child custody struggle.

Kelsey’s father, Lester Lee Jeter, filed for divorce in May 2009 for unclear reasons.

Meanwhile, Debra’s husband filed for divorce, acquired a temporary restraining order, and was granted temporary custody of their two children while she was still in the hospital.

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