What Happened To LaDonna Paris? 70-Year-Old Woman Arrested and Mental Illness Health Update!

LaDonna Paris


What Happened To LaDonna Paris? 70-Year-Old Woman Arrested and Mental Illness Health Update!:  A piece of shocking news is coming into the headlines at this time about a 70 years old woman. Yes, you read right, the woman has been arrested by Tulsa Police as she locked herself in a bathroom. The news of her arrest has been going viral on social media platforms. The netizens have been reacting to the news. People want to know what exactly happened to the woman and why she got arrested. The news has been gaining huge attention from people as it is about 70 years old. In this article, we are going to provide you with all information regarding her arrest. Follow More Update On

LaDonna Paris

What Happened To LaDonna Paris?

According to the reports, a 70 years old bipolar woman LaDonna Paris was arrested by Tulsa police after she locked herself in the bathroom of Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Tulsa. The footage of her getting arrested has surfaced on the internet. Many people have watched the video and reacted to it. She was suffering from episodes of Bipolar disorder. After watching the video, people have been expressing their disappointment towards the police at the way they handled the situation after learning that the woman whom they arrested is mentally ill. The cruelty they have shown towards the woman has been talked about to this date.

LaDonna Paris Arrested

It was reported that she went to Habitat for Humanity ReStore. She was suffering from a period of manic episodes and then locked herself in the restroom for 4 hours and left her dog in the truck. Because of this condition, one of the workers reported the police and when the officials arrived at the scene, they attempted to convince her to come out of the bathroom but she refused to come out. Likewise, the officers also noticed that she had an aerosol and lighter and was trying to set a fire inside the bathroom.

LaDonna Paris Mental Illness Health Update

The officer tried to persuade her but one of the officials in the video can be seen making fun of the poor condition of the woman. The officer named Carrocia can be seen threatening the woman with a taser and asking if she wants to get Taser. Likewise, how badly bloodied she was in the video when they tried to arrest her. On social media platforms, people have been expressing their anger at how they treated her while arresting her as she sustained injuries when the police were arresting her. Stay tuned with us for more updates.