What Happened To Tom Brown CTV, Where Is The Weatherman Today?

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what happened to tom brown ctv where is the weatherman today

Tom Brown CTV: What Happened? He used to work for CTV News in Toronto as a journalist. Find out where he is now and more about him after he was fired from the television business.

Tom Brown is a well-known Canadian weather reporter and expert who rose to prominence as a result of his work for CTV.

He served as the lead weather anchor for CTV News at Six and CTV News at Eleven, where he gave daily weather updates.

After nearly two decades in the radio industry, the journalist joined the Television channel in 2004.

Tom worked in radio stations across Canada, including Moncton, Winnipeg, and Regina, before moving to television.

What Happened To Tom Brown CTV?

In February of 2021, CTV’s Tom Brown was fired from his job.

According to the insider, the media outlet sent out a message claiming that two of its employees had been fired, with Tom’s name included on the list.

Despite the fact that he had worked for CTV for 16 years, no reason for his dismissal was given.

Brown’s other employees are concerned about rumors on social media that he was approaching retirement age and that the corporation wanted to cut future expenses.

There is now no clear understanding of why the individual was fired.

The reporter has become known for his live, on-location weather broadcasts from the Toronto Area, as he provides updates from various local events.

Where Is The Weatherman Today? Tom Brown Whereabouts

Tom Brown’s exact job title is unknown at this time; however, the weatherman could be employed in the television industry.

The Canadian reporter has remained silent in the media and on social media since his last work with CTV.

Brown’s return to the studio Toy Mountain, which is now airing without him, has been requested by the audience.

The meteorologist, on the other hand, does not appear to be returning anytime soon.

Brown has made live weather broadcasts with three Canadian Prime Ministers.

Throughout his career, he has had many highlights, but the yearly Toy Mountain Campaign is the one he is most proud of.

Tom Brown Wife And Family

Tom Brown is currently married to Shelly, his lovely wife. He was reared in Canada by his family.

The couple has been married for many years and has two children together.

Tom adores being a father to his two children, one of whom, like her father, wants to work in television.

He now resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with his lovely wife and other family members.

The identities and other personal information of the weather reporter’s family members have not been revealed.

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