What Happened With Sam Shelton And Ashley Reeves Wedding Story? His Status After Murder Attempt

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According to the true story “Left for Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story” on Lifetime, Ashley seemed to have everything she wanted, like a boyfriend, a loving family, and a lot of friends.

She was also a great student and one of the best basketball players at her school. Until she fell in love with her tutor, Sam Shelton, who ended up ruining her life, things were going well for her at this time.

Sam taught her when she was in the seventh grade. He was also a pro wrestler and a gym trainer. Sources say that she disappeared two months before they talked again in February 2006.

Sam Shelton And Ashley Reeves Wedding Story

Sam Shelton And Ashley Reeves Wedding Story

Sam Shelton And Ashley Reeves Wedding Story?

Samson Shelton and Ashley were planning to get married, and everyone was surprised by their age difference.

They never finished the ceremony, but they had been dating for a while and were planning to take the next step soon.

Also, when Ashley went missing, Sam, aka Samson, said in an interview that she was becoming more and more interested in him every day.

The tragedy of Sam and Ashley is also shown in the Lifetime movie “Left for Dead,” which shows that the two were in a relationship.

Sam also said that he hugged her in the back of his car to admit that they had slept together. After Ashley’s friends said that they were having a nice date at the time, the police got in touch with him.

Shelton also said that he wasn’t happy with his relationship with Ashley. Even though it was said that they were seeing each other, they were never married.

Where Is Sam Shelton Now?

Even though Sam had told the court everything he had done, he was quickly let out on bail and given home arrest.

Shelton was charged with attempted battery because he hit emergency workers during what was likely an attempt to kill himself. The charges were dropped in February 2010.

Sam refused to acknowledge the court or even apologize to the person he hurt when he had the chance.

The gym coach got a 20-year sentence at the Hill Correctional Center in Illinois. If you add up the time he has already served, he will be eligible for parole in 2024.

Why Did Sam Shelton Try To Kill Ashley Reeves?

Shelton was accused of trying to get Ashley to fall in love with him, almost killing her, breaking her neck, and leaving her in the woods.

On the other hand, he buried Ashley in the woods with trash and leaves and then left her gasping for air.

In the documentary “Left for Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story,” Sam can be seen trying to pull Ashley out of the car after it becomes clear that Ashley knows they made a mistake by getting physical.

Even though the police were mostly suspicious of Ashley’s long-term boyfriend, they quickly found out that Sam could have been the reason for her disappearance.

Sam Shelton tried to kill Ashley Reeves because of what?

Sam Shelton told the police that he wanted to end the relationship, but Ashley told him that wasn’t true when he was trying to get her out of the car.

Shelton put Reeves in a chokehold and broke her neck to get her out of the car. Then, he dragged her into the woods, beat her with his hands, and strangled her with his belt.

After being questioned for 12 hours and changing his story several times, he broke down and admitted it.

Later, he led the police to Ashley’s body, which was found just 12 minutes from her Citizens Park home.

Ashley was found nearly 30 hours after she was attacked, badly hurt but lucky to be alive.

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