What Is Fractal Burning On Tiktok As Users Warn Against Dangerous Trend?

what is fractal burning on tiktok as users warn against dangerous trend

The internet is buzzing with a new TikTok art fad called ‘fractal wood burning,’ but users on the platform are advising people to stay away from it.

Every now and then, TikTok popularizes a new internet craze. It’s sometimes a dance, and other times it’s a dish that goes viral.

Art trends, despite being less popular than the dances and recipes on the platform, do have their own fanbase.

As a result, when the fractal burning craze became popular, many people tried it.

WARNING: This is a risky trend that should not be attempted.

Fractal Burning On TiktokFractal Burning On Tiktok

Fractal Burning On Tiktok

What Is Tiktok’s Fractal Burning?

Since 2020, the fractal burning fad has been popular on TikTok, with a revival in February 2022.

People use a high-voltage transformer, sometimes from a microwave oven, to flow current through wood products immersed in a chemical solution in an art fad known as Lichtenberg.

The use of high-voltage electricity to burn wood and the chemical that is applied to it combine to produce art-like imagery on the wood. The finished result frequently resembles tree or plant branches.

Some users go a step further and pour resin on top of the design to give it a more artistic appearance.

Fractal burning, on the other hand, is not a fad you should try at home.

Because it involves the use of high voltage electricity, it is extremely dangerous and should only be done by trained persons in a secure area.

TikTok users have been warning people about the fad since it went widespread, urging them to stay away from it.

A Couple From Wisconsin Is Dead After A Fractal Burning Goes Wrong.

A Wisconsin couple was recently killed by the hazardous TikTok movement.

On April 6, the Marathon County Sheriff’s Office received a call concerning a fire at a Roseville residence. The fire began in the garage and quickly spread throughout the house.

A couple was discovered dead, and it was later discovered that they had been electrocuted while attempting fractal wood burning.

This isn’t the first time fractal burning has resulted in a negative outcome. According to Woodturner.org, the art form was responsible for at least six deaths between 2017 and 2019.

According to the website, 33 people have died as a result of the practice.

“High-voltage electricity is an unseen killer; the user is unaware of the risk.” The risk of a rotating saw blade is obvious. “It is self-evident that coming into touch with a moving blade may result in injury, but a spinning blade will nearly never kill you,” their website states.

“If you make one minor error with fractal burning, you’re dead.”

Try These Safe Tiktok Art Trends

Fractal burning is exceedingly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

There are, however, numerous more safe creative styles in which you can participate. Listed below are a handful of them.

The Challenge Of The Renaissance

Users pose while morphing Renaissance-style artworks in this challenge.

You can use TikTok’s Time Warp Scan effect or an external photo editing program to make the transformation.


Using films or images of yourself, as well as your artwork, this trend allows you identify yourself to the world as a creative.

Any type of art, from photography and graphic design to drawing and sculpting, can be used to participate in this trend.

Display Your Very First Drawing

The artist must present their first-ever drawing and then their most recent creation in this TikTok craze. It demonstrates how far an artist has evolved through time.

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