What Is Neptune Missile Moskva Details About The Cruiser Missile That Damaged Russian Warship

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According to the latest reports, the Russian Navy’s Black Sea flagship was hit by Neptune missiles, causing damage to the vessel. To learn more, keep scrolling down.

Cruiser Missile That Damaged Russian Warship

Cruiser Missile That Damaged Russian Warship
Cruiser Missile That Damaged Russian Warship

According to the most recent reports, the crew of Russia’s Moskva cruiser was evacuated on Thursday after an ammunition blast.

Meanwhile, Ukraine claims the incident was caused by a missile strike. Following that, a US defense official reported that the ship was still attempting to extinguish a fire.

Some speculate that Russia’s Black Sea fleet flagship will be on the move. Similarly, a senior US official confirmed that the US is en route to Sevastopol.

Neptune Missile Moskva: What Is It?

The Neptune Missile Moskva, according to claims, is a Ukrainian-made anti-ship missile that can be fired from shore to ship. The missile’s target range is approximately 290-300 kilometers.

An 8-ton truck can launch and fire the missile. Drones may also control the flight path, according to the article.

It can also target ships with a maximum water displacement of 5,000 tonnes. The cruise missile is based on the Russian Kh-35.

The AS-20 Kayak is the NATO designation for the missile. Following Russia’s seizure of Crimea in 2014, Ukraine scrambled to build anti-ship missiles to counter any naval threats.

Cruiser Neptune Missile Moskva Wikipedia Details

Neptune is a Ukrainian anti-ship cruise missile designed by Luch Design Bureau, according to Wikipedia. They created a mechanism that can combat surface warships.

It’s also used to move vessels up to 5,000 tons in displacement. In March 2021, they joined the Ukrainian Navy’s service in the system.

The missile was unveiled at Kyiv’s “Weapons and Security 2015” expo. According to publicly available information, the cruise missile’s initial flight samples were produced in the spring of 2016.

How Does Neptune Missile Moskva Work?

The Neptune Missile Moskva is based on the Zvezda Kh-35 anti-ship missile from the Soviet era. It does, however, have updated electronics, a larger body, and a significantly longer operational range.

It locates its target using an internal navigation system. Meanwhile, it conducts an internal probe. It had a 320-pound High Explosive Fragmentation (HE-FRAG) warhead and was over 5 meters long.

To locate its objective, Neptune employs an internal navigation system. In addition, on its journey to the target, it can soar 10-15 meters above the ocean.

However, on its last procedure, it can dip to 3-10 meters to avoid any ship defenses.

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