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June 6, Kathmandu. The meeting of the Central Committee of Akhil Krantikari, a student organization of the CPN-Maoist, which started amidst controversy, has ended without resolving the dispute.

Akhil Krantikari has nominated about 100 members in the Central Committee and has decided to run a three-month campaign to strengthen the organization. The meeting also decided to suspend nine people, including Vice-Chairman Pawan Karki, who is leading a dissident group.

Akhil Krantikari, which has been embroiled in controversy since the National Conference last September, was expected to find a solution at this time’s meeting of the Central Committee.

The dispute is still ongoing

Dispute has escalated after the suspension of nine central members, including Vice-Chairman Karki, from the organization.

Karki, who was suspended, termed the action against him as illegal. “Their committee is illegal,” he told Online News.

The disgruntled party led by Karki has drawn the attention of Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda. Karki said that he had drawn the attention of Prachanda with the demand to dismiss in-charge Hitman Shakya and chairman Pancha Singh and to convene a special general convention immediately. Chairman Prachanda has said that the party will immediately call for a discussion. We are told to do it as soon as possible ‘, he said.

Karki has warned that the party will form a parallel central committee if its demands are not heard. “We will give the party an ultimatum to address the issue,” Karki said.

However, the establishment side has accused Karki of stirring up controversy by making unnecessary and unconstitutional demands. General Secretary Deepesh Pun said that Karki had pressured all the nine central members of his party to appoint office bearers and that it could not be accepted.

“Everything was agreed upon earlier,” Pun told online news. While they are juniors. Nominated in the Central Committee. There are more than 100 seniors. How can an official be appointed as soon as possible? ‘

Stating that they will work in an inclusive manner and according to the method, Pun said that the demand of Karki could not be met.

Pun said that only 41 people have been appointed as office bearers and only one or two juniors have been appointed to the office of incumbent Ranjit Tamang.

According to him, the new office bearers are Baburam Nepali from Dalit and Tajim Ansari from Muslim.

Pun claimed that there was no one in favor of Karki in the 21-member office committee of Akhil Krantikari and the 41-member office bearers. “It’s like a one-man-one-committee fight,” he said.

A series of controversies

Akhil Krantikari had held a national conference last September. The National Conference could not form a Central Committee.

The Karki group had chanted slogans in the hall saying that they were trying to declare the Central Committee outside the legislature.

Three months later, a 199-member central committee was announced. The Karki group had alleged that the declaration was not in accordance with the method, method and criteria, keeping those close to them and removing others.

Akhil Krantikari had organized a virtual meeting on April 19 last year. Prachanda had given training there. After the training, 41 officials were announced.

The Karki group had also expressed dissatisfaction over the announcement of office bearers. Karki wanted to be general secretary but he was made vice president. After that, Karki expressed his dissatisfaction and drew the attention of party president Prachanda.

In the meantime, Karki had organized a separate meeting. Akhil Krantikari had suspended him for doing undisciplined work. After the dispute escalated in the student body, the Maoist center intervened and directed to stop the rally and dismiss the action.

Karki claims that the party will decide to go to the national conference immediately and that Akhil Krantikari has decided to remove those who were nominated to the Central Committee and office bearers without any criteria and to add those who have been left out.

Meanwhile, the office-bearers’ meeting of Akhil Krantikari, which lasted for three days, had decided to convene a meeting of the Central Committee on June 12. However, it was postponed to June 19, saying it would try to resolve the dispute.

On the 5th, the meeting seemed to be the center of controversy as opposed to a solution-oriented one. There was even a recent handshake between the two sides.

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