What is TIktoker Remi Bader Weight and Height? Ranch Controversy After He Couldn’t Ride Her Horses

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Remi Bader, a well-known Tiktoker and Instagram model, said that a ranch wouldn’t let her ride their horse because they said she was too heavy.

Remi Jo Bader is a curve model who lives in New York. She buys clothes online, reviews them, and makes videos called “clothing hauls.” When we bought clothes online, they might not have looked like the pictures. Her video went viral after she had similar problems with clothes she ordered online and posted about them on Tiktok.

Bader’s videos about plus-size clothing from different brands send messages about being happy with your body. She makes it clear that she doesn’t like how the brands only make clothes for skinny people.

Remi’s Instagram account, @remibader, has more than 435K followers, and his Tiktok account, also called @remibader, has 2.1 million followers. Her skits and lip-sync videos on Tiktok are funny and fun to watch.

remi bader

remi bader

What is Tiktoker Remi Bader Weight and Height?

The TikTok star weighs about 108 kgs and is about 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Remi has become a fashion icon, and many plus-size girls look up to her because she makes them feel good about their bodies. She is well-known for her sweet smile and sunny attitude. She has a strong presence on social media, and she uses it to speak out for mental health.

Bader has a bright, photogenic personality, and her creativity has made her a well-known virtual creator. She buys clothes online on her own most of the time, and brands sometimes ask her to wear their clothes.

Jo has worked for “Tidal” for more than a year as the marketing coordinator. After she lost her job during the COVID lockdown, her father insisted that she become a model.

In 2021, a story in Vogue was about the curve model. She has worked with many well-known brands and celebrities, such as AerieREAL, Nova, Rise, etc., and Claudia Oshry. She has also been in E! News, New York Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, and PureWow.

Remi Bader Ranch Controversy?

Remi put up a TikTok video of a ranch on Saturday, after she was told to leave and told she couldn’t ride a horse. People were angry that the ranch’s video didn’t do a good job of promoting itself, and 1.6 million people watched it.

The video had the words, “I’ve ridden horses before and never had a problem like this. Please put signs up in the future to let people know about this.”

Deep Hollow Ranch hasn’t said anything about the trouble. In her next post, she talked about the TikTok video of @broudy, who works at the Ranch and is the son of the owner. keogh, who made fun of the star’s body.

In the video, Keogh made fun of Bader by saying, “You can ride at Deep Hollow Ranch when you’re not a fat —-.”

Deep Hollow has responded to the video by apologising on their Facebook page. The video was taken down because the media and people didn’t like it.

Bader Measurements Details?

Because she was over 240 pounds, Deep Hollow Ranch wouldn’t let her ride the horse.

The guides for the ride are listed on a blog that Hollow Ranch has shared. It says that a rider shouldn’t weigh more than 15% of the weight of the horse. On its website, there are also blogs about the “Best Horse Breeds for Plus-Size Riders,” but the sizes are not given.

Remi says she’s not upset about the rules about her weight, but about how she was treated at the farm.

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