What Kind Of Sunglasses Does Luca Bish Wear On Love Island and Where To Find Them?

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People are interested in Luca Bish because of his sunglasses. Fans who want to dress like their favourite islanders are in luck, because the sunglasses they wear on the show are currently for sale online.

Luca Bish is a fishmonger who has worked in Brighton for the past 23 years.

Luca said that he ended a four-year relationship about a year ago and hopes to find a new love interest in the villa.

After seeing how real the couples on previous seasons of Love Island were with each other, Luca was inspired to apply to be on the show this year.

Luca Bish

Luca Bish

What Kind Of Sunglasses Does Luca Bish Wear On Love Island?

Ray-Ban makes the glasses that Luca Bish wears.

Fans have a lot to say about the fact that the contestants on Love Island are seen wearing sunglasses inside right after they wake up from their beauty sleep in the morning.

Some people think that the people who live on the island are trying to hide how tired or messy they look from the cameras, or that they are just trying to look calm and collected first thing in the morning.

Some people also think that they wore sunglasses so that fans watching them wouldn’t be able to see any wandering eyes.

Where To Find Them?

Ray-Ban makes the sunglasses that Luca wears, but most of the actors on the show wear sunglasses from Quay Australia.

This partnership has led to a 16-piece line of sunglasses that make a statement, with prices starting at £49 and being sold right away at Quay.co.uk.

Quay sunglasses have been seen on Love Island for years, and many of our favourite islanders have worn them both on and off camera. ITV’s Director of Digital and Creative Partnerships, Bhavit Chandrani, says that they are happy to be working with such a well-known brand to help viewers choose the right pair of sunglasses in real time.

The CEO of Quay, Jodi Bricker, thinks that this partnership is a good fit for the company because sunglasses are such an important part of Love Island. Because of their relationship with Love Island and ITV, they can bring Quay into people’s homes during the summer in a way that is both fun and natural.

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