What Was Tinx Tweet About Kim Kardashian, Check Out Her Apology Post, Instagram & Twitter!

what was tinx tweet about kim kardashian check out her apology post instagram twitter

Tiktok fame and star Tinx shared a long post on her Instagram saying things that shocked her followers and fans. Tinx has been in the limelight because of Tiktok and the content she posts up on her I’d Christina Najjar whose pen name is Tinx has always been followed up for her good attitude towards people and also because of her charm. The TikTok star has been in the NEWS for her latest Instagram post. Tinx posted- I have bod-shammed many popular stars and celebrities out there on Twitter. I am really ashamed of what I did there. I even called Kim Kardashian fat on Twitter. I was being mean and was out of my mind probably. Said that TikTok fame. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

What Was Tinx Tweet About Kim Kardashian?What Was Tinx Tweet About Kim Kardashian?

Who Is Tinx?

Fans were shocked and surprised as none of them knew and had no idea about that. And as far as how the internet is, people rechecked her old tweets. In the post, Tinx apologized saying I have not been in a proper state of mind, as I trolled, body-shamed, and mocked people and celebrities out there for their perfections. I was being mean and rude to everyone. I was not in the good mood right there. When I look back I find myself unhappy with what and how I was. And I think that is the main reason why I must have said that. I really was mean and rude back then.

What Was Tinx Tweet About Kim Kardashian?

I was not happy with how I looked and how my situation was back then. Maybe that’s why I took all of my rage and anger out on the internet. She apologized wholeheartedly for what she said back then. She also said not only this there might be many out there. Please forgive me for what I said. The TikTok star has over a million followers on her page, and also has a very handsome amount of listeners on her podcasts. But, as said internet is a huge place to troll or gets trolled.

Tinx Apology Post Instagram & Twitter

People were quick to reply and mocked her Twitter posts, not the ones but the recent ones. One of the users said- And what do you have to say about your recent tweets? The other picked and said- Don’t over a decade back, look at the recent ones. About 2 years back, what do you have to say about them? While some were ready to make fun, ask questions and mock her, many of her genuine fan following understood what she has to say and said – it is okay, we all make mistakes and learn from them. Everything said or done does not have to be perfect.

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