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June 6, Kathmandu. Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Balendra (Balen) Sah is angry with the executive members at the executive meeting before the municipal council on Sunday. There was a dispute in the executive meeting after the ward chairpersons asked about the issues to be presented in the municipal council. At the same time, he knocked on the table and showed his anger.

After the discussion started without informing the executive members about the policy and program, the ward chairpersons asked questions. However, an executive member said that the ward chairpersons objected to Balen’s statement.

The ward chairpersons had strongly protested against not giving a copy of the policy and program. After a while, the mayor knocked on the table ‘, the executive member told online news. Balen, who became indignant after the protest of the ward chairpersons, knocked on the table and said, “Now I will print the policy program and bring it. I will not run the executive until the print comes.” Isn’t that what you want? ‘ Were said. The executive member said that he did not talk to anyone for 5 minutes.

Ward Chairman of Ward No. 8 Ashaman Sangat had urged Mayor Balen to remain calm and run the executive. Balen did not agree with the other ward chairpersons saying, “Let’s start the discussion by holding an executive meeting until the policies and programs are being printed.”

He said that he would run the executive only after handing over the policy program for about 5 minutes. Ward chairpersons and executive members did not agree to discuss the issue. Then some of the ward chairs said, ‘You can’t get anywhere by being angry, we also get angry, should you be deceived?’ After that, the discussion started, ‘said a ward chairman who participated in the meeting.

Live as you wish?

Mayor Balen Sah announced that all meetings of the municipal executive would be held live. Accordingly, two executive meetings were also held live. But Sunday’s executive meeting was not live.

While discussing the policy and program at the executive meeting, Ward Chairman No. 7 Bimal Kumar Hoda protested. An executive member said that there was silence in the meeting place after speaking loudly for a while.

Hoda said, ‘Yesterday Asti was live, today why not live? Live as you wish? ‘ Were questioned.

After other ward chairpersons also supported Hoda, Balen said that all the meetings should not be held live. According to a ward chairman, Balen had argued that the policy and program should not cover all the issues as there would be tax range and other issues within the metropolis.

The ward chairpersons protested saying that they would live only as per their wishes. “Does he live up to his wishes or not? We have objected to him not living up to the issues that bother him,” said a ward chairman.

Ward Chairman of Kathmandu Metropolitan City No. 12 Bal Krishna Maharjan said that there was only a general dispute in the Municipal Executive Committee meeting. He told online news, “After the ward chairpersons made the proposal, the mayor said that it would take time to come up with a photocopy if we do not discuss the policy and program.” There is no big controversy about live. An executive meeting is being held on August 25.

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