Where Is Gabriel March Granados Now? Postman Gabriel March Granados Get The Longest Prison Sentence Ever

where is gabriel march granados now postman gabriel march granados get the longest prison sentence ever

Gabriel March Granados has been spotted on social media, but his current location is unknown.

Those who look up the names of the people who have served the longest prison sentences in history will come across Gabriel March Granados’ name. He was given a sentence of 384,912 years in prison, yet he only served 14 years and two months.

Gabriel March GranadosGabriel March Granados

Gabriel March Granados

Where Is Gabriel March Granados Now?

The location of Gabriel March Granados are unknown. However, his name continues to pop up on social media, particularly in articles about facts.

He holds the record for having spent the most time in prison in history. He failed to deliver 42,784 emails, opened 35,718 of them, and took content worth 50,000 euros.

As a result, he was charged with tens of thousands of dollars in fraud, improper appropriation of papers (one for each undeliverable letter), and theft. The prosecutor sought an exceptional sentence of 384,912 years in prison and a fine of 19 million euros as a result (2010 value).

The judge, on the other hand, refused to impose such a hefty punishment. As a result, he sentenced the defendant to a seven-year prison sentence for theft and fraud, as well as a two-month sentence for unlawful document appropriation.

Gabriel March Granados Had Longest Prison Sentence

Gabriel March Granados received the harshest penalty. According to some accounts, this sentence has won him a Guinness World Record.

He failed to deliver over 40 thousand mails, opened over 35 thousand of them, and withdrew their contents, earning him a punishment of 384,912 years in prison from the judge. Although his sentence was eventually reduced to 14 years and two months, he had already earned a reputation for himself.

These days, the Spanish man frequently appears in social media posts in which facts about him are presented. Many people believe it was unjust to sentence him to such a lengthy sentence in the first place, while others make snarky remarks like “he just had one job” or “Who wants to set a new record?”

What Did Gabriel March Granados, A Spanish Postman, Do?- Details On His Arrest Charges

Gabriel March Granados, a postman in Spain, committed the offense of not delivering the letters and stealing the contents. Theft of documents was one of the counts against him when he was arrested. On January 28, 1968, when he was 18 years old, he worked as an interim urban postman in the Mallorcan post office, according to Royal Mail Chat.

He stayed at that employment for more than two years before being fired on March 31, 1970, due to a variety of errors in his work. The Palma de Mallorca post office decided to report the inconsistencies.

After months of investigation, the prosecutor of Palma de Mallorca’s Provincial Court filed charges against him for theft and failure to produce contents.

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