Where Is Jacob Morgan Now? Autistic Teen Killed Brother In House Fire – Parole Update

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Jacob Morgan is a teen who killed his 14-month-old brother by setting him on fire in March 2015. He is now in jail.

In 2016, he was charged with third-degree arson, unintentional manslaughter, and child neglect. He needs to go to prison for the next 15 years of his life.

After his second hearing on May 18, 2022, the prisoner did not get to go free.

jacob morgan

jacob morgan

Where Is Jacob Morgan Now?

Since March 2015, Jacob Matt Morgan has been in jail because he is accused of killing his half-brother Joshua Alexander Hill. After being charged with killing teens, he pleaded guilty to murder on October 26, 2021. In 2015, when Jacob was only 17 years old, he set fire to his house to kill his 14-month-old brother.

So, he is being charged with unintentional murder, putting a child in danger, and third-degree arson.

The court says that he started two fires in the house, one near the baby and the other near the house. Morgan has not told the truth about how the fires started.

At first, he said he threw a pillow by accident. Later, he lit a pillow on fire and threw it in the air, but authorities think the fire started in the living room and master bedroom, where the baby was sleeping.

cbgist.com says that he was given 15 years in prison for the crime he committed. On the other hand, Jacob’s mother talked about his mental illness and said he has developmental problems and has trouble reading and writing because of them.

She also said that Jacob loved his little brother and wants him to be free. The police also found out from Jacob’s parents that he was on the autism spectrum.

smiletimegh.com says that he was sentenced to 15 years in prison but given only five years of probation.

What Is The Age Of Jacob Morgan? Meet His Parents?

He was 17 years old in 2015, as we’ve already said. So, if you do the math straight, Jacob is now 24.

Matthew Morgan and Julie Hill Dover gave birth to Jacob Morgan.

Matthew Morgan comes from the United Kingdom. He is a comedian, actor, writer, DJ, and radio host. He is best known for co-hosting The Russell Brand Show with Russell Brand on BBC Radio 2, BBC 6 Music, and Radio X. He also wrote for the show with Russell Brand.

The Morgans live in Rock Hill, which is in South Carolina.

Jacob Morgan Parole Updates?

A South Carolina teen who killed his baby brother in a fire in Rock Hill and has been in prison for seven years was turned down for parole on Wednesday, May 18. Even though his appeal was turned down, state law says that Jacob Matthew Morgan might be let out of prison as soon as December. At that point, he would have been in jail for half as long as he was going to be.

After hearing Jacob’s case through a video conference, the South Carolina Parole Board voted unanimously against giving him a chance at parole. The meeting of the parole board took place in Columbia.

Heraldonline.com says that Morgan had a parole hearing at the MacDougall Correctional Institute in Berkeley County. It was his second hearing since May 2021, when he was told he couldn’t go free.

Morgan pleaded guilty to first-degree arson and murder in 2016. He had been charged with both crimes and could have spent the rest of his life in prison. In 2016, Morgan was convicted of third-degree arson, involuntary manslaughter, and neglecting a child.

Morgan didn’t say he was guilty at his parole hearing on Wednesday. He said that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time when the event took place. The hearing ended when the head of the Parole Board, Henry Eldridge, ran out of questions. Morgan’s mother spoke up at the hearing as a supporter of his release in 2021, but no one else did.

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