Where Is Mark Twitchell Now? Dexter Killer Murder Case Details And Update In 2022

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Mark Twitchell is currently incarcerated at the Saskatchewan Federal Penitentiary.

48 Hours has returned in 2022 to investigate the incident that occurred in 2008. Mark Twitchell stalked John Altinger in a kill room while posing as a girl on an internet dating service.

Mark TwitchellMark Twitchell

Mark Twitchell

Where Is Mark Twitchell Now? 48 Hours Reveals His Letters In 2022

Mark Twitchell is now incarcerated at the Saskatchewan Federal Penitentiary in 2022. His name reappears as the letter he wrote to an investigative journalist is shown on 48 Hours.

In late 2010, investigative journalist and MacEwan University Professor Steve Lillebuen set out to publish a book on the Dexter-obsessed killer. On their way to drafting a new book, though, something unexpected happened.

The killer himself advised them to go straight to the source if they were going to write a book about him.

According to CBS News, the 29-year-old aspiring filmmaker lived in Edmonton, Canada, with his wife and young child in 2008. Outside, he appeared to be a different guy, yet his writing was grim.

The prosecution demonstrated the criminal’s obsession with the fictional character Dexter Morgan, which he allegedly carried over into his real-life crimes, according to Lillebeun and police.

Dexter Killer Mark Twitchell Wife Shed Tear During The Hearing- Does He Have A Daughter?

Dexter Killer, aka Mark Twitchell, lived with his wife, Jess, and their daughter. In the fall of 2005, they met on a dating service. In January of 2007, they married.

A year later, they welcomed their first child, a daughter. Their marriage was in disarray by the fall of 2008, and they were sleeping in separate rooms. In addition, the couple was attending marital counselling.

When the police arrived to their home to investigate John Altinger’s murder, his wife cried, and she left the next day, never to return, according to the CBC.

In 2010, the court approved their divorce, and Mark was sentenced to prison in 2011. The film director, on the other hand, was not married for the first time. From 2001 to 2005, he was married to Megan Castereall.

Mark Twitchell Bio/Wiki

Mark Twitchell’s wiki details discuss his early life and crime. He was born in Edmonton, Alberta, according to Wikipedia.

From a young age, he aspired to make blockbuster films. In 2000, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Radio and Television Arts from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

When he directed Star Wars: Secrets of the Rebellion in 2007, a full-length fan film prequel set just days before Episode IV: A New Hope, his goal came true. Day Players, a buddy comedy, was also written by him.

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