Where Is Michael Estime Going After Leaving Fox Weather?

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Michael Estime, an American meteorologist, has prepared himself to be the host of America’s Weather Team starting on June 20, 2022.

Michael is from Detroit, and he started his career as a meteorologist in April 2011 at NBC affiliate WGMT-TV in Macon, Georgia, during a historic tornado outbreak.

Estime is a member of the National Weather Association and has a degree from Central Michigan University. She is also an AMS-certified broadcast meteorologist.

michael estime

michael estime

Where Is Michael Estime Going After Leaving Fox Weather?

After working for two years at a FOX-owned station in Detroit, Estime is starting over as the new host of America’s Weather Team. Also, on June 20, 2022, he will become a co-host of Fox Weather.

Michael Estime and his mom went to Woodlawn Cemetery in Detroit to learn about its history.

From 2020 to early 2022, the meteorologist worked for Fox 2 Detroit, where he or she reported on flooding, snowstorms, and other types of weather. Before that, he worked at WKYC-TV in Cleveland, Ohio, as a weekend meteorologist and as a co-host of Live on the Lakeside during the week. Estime also worked as a weather forecaster for Lexington, Kentucky’s WTVQ-TV, which is an ABC station.

Michael Estime New Job And Salary Explored

As a meteorologist in the United States, Michael could make between $60,000 and $80,000 per year, but he hasn’t told the media how much he makes yet.

Michael is very interested in telling people all over the country about the weather, climate, and environment. He recently moved up in the FOX family. He went from WJBK-TV in Detroit, which is owned by FOX, to the Fox Weather.

Does Michael Estime Have A Wife?

Michael might or might not have a wife, but we don’t know for sure because he hasn’t said anything about his relationship status. Because of this, we assume he hasn’t gotten married until he introduces his wife to the public.

The meteorologist seems like a person who likes to have fun and travels a lot. He may have a partner with whom he goes to different places. But he hasn’t posted any photos of the woman he loves on social media, though he does share a lot of posts with his female coworkers.

The meteorologist’s Instagram account, @michaelestimewx, has 16,300 followers and 2.3k posts. Also, Estime supports the LGBTQ+ community openly on his social networking sites, which has led to rumours that he is gay. He has a rainbow flag on his Ig bio, but he hasn’t said if he is gay or not.

Meet Michael Estime Family On Instagram

Estime has posted pictures of his parents on Instagram, but he hasn’t said what their names are and often doesn’t show their full faces. His family doesn’t seem to like being in the spotlight.

Michael Estime and his mom went to Woodlawn Cemetery in Detroit to learn about its history.

But the meteorologist loves spending time with his mom and dad. He plays golf with his dad a lot and posts pictures of them on social networking sites. A source also says that Michael has a twin brother named David who runs a business in Chicago.

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