Where Is Tarek Assaad Now? Gangster Hamad Assaad Brother 2022

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Tarek Assaad is the younger brother of infamous gangster Hamad Assaad, who was assassinated in 2016. In 2022, where is he and what is he doing? Let’s look at the criminal lord’s brother, including his age, wife, and family.

Hamad Assaad was a prominent suspect in the assassination of Walid Ahmad, an underworld figure who was assassinated on the Bankstown Central retail center’s rooftop car park.

During a raid on his residence, Tarek was arrested with guns. He claimed he needed the firearm for self-defense because he was afraid he would be the next victim of his brother’s assassins.

In 2019, Tarek was the target of a botched assassination attempt. The case and his location are detailed here.

Tarek AssaadTarek Assaad

Tarek Assaad

Where Is Tarek Assaad Now?

The whereabouts of Tarek Assaad, the slain mobster Hamad’s brother, have piqued the interest of internet users. His whereabouts in 2022 have been a mystery to people all across the world, despite the fact that he was previously arrested and an assassination attempt was made against him.

Tarek’s present location are unknown. He does not appear to be in custody, since no reports of his detention have surfaced in recent days. Perhaps he has abandoned the criminal underworld and is now concentrating on his personal life and his new business.

Tarek was apprehended in November 2016 at his Georges Hall house following a police raid. Tarek, who was 30 at the time, had been detained on weapons charges the night before under his Firearms Prohibition Order. During the subsequent raid, police discovered cocaine, a weapon, ammunition, cash, and steroids.

Update On Tarek Assaad’s Age And Wife

After Tarek Assaad’s husband was denied bail, his wife was spotted fighting with media reporters and leaving bloody gosh over a Sky News journalist’s eye in 2022. There is no further information on the deceased Hamad Assaad’s sister-in-law or her children.

Tarek founded Tiab Wedding Automobiles in 2017 to provide couples with the opportunity to hire expensive cars such as Lamborghinis for their wedding. The dead gangster’s sibling is 35 years old as of April 2022.

Tarek allegedly purchased a Glock and ammunition after being warned that he would be the next target of the opposing gang. His lawyer argued that his client had already served two months in prison and was now cooperating with authorities in the inquiry.

Tarek was shot on January 21, 2019, at Dalton Avenue, Condell Park, in Sydney’s south west. With cuts to his arm and shoulder, Tarek went to Bankstown Hospital. Town shooters are seen shooting rounds and leaving in a white Toyota Corolla hatchback, according to security footage.

Hamad Assaad was assassinated

On October 25, 2016, Hamad Assaad was slain in the driveway of his Western Sydney house at Sturt Ave, Georges Hall, by two unknown gunmen. The assassin then fled in a black Audi vehicle seconds later. At the time, he was 29 years old.

His 12-year-old nephew witnessed the incident, and his mother, Basmat, was present at the time.

During his lifespan, Hamad Assaad was a member of organized crime units in NSW as well as Middle Eastern organized crime squads. He was linked to a number of gangland killings, including the assassination of criminal lord Walid Ahmad in April 2016 and the attempted assassination of Maha Hamze.

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